24 September 2021

The Turbulence and Controversies of Indonesia’s Corruption Eradication Commission

Indonesia’s corruption eradication commission, known as the KPK has widely been considered one of the most powerful and successful anti-corruption agencies in the region, if not in the entire world. Yet over the past years, it has been systematically undermined from above. One of the most devastating developments was a revision of the law on the KPK. The law effectively stripped the KPK of autonomy in important investigative functions and in its human resources management. It culminated earlier this summer, when a number of key investigators were purged from the KPK.

Kenneth Bo Nielsen (coordinator of the Norwegian Network for Asian Studies) is joined by Sofie Schütte - senior researcher at the U4 Anti-corruption Resource Centre at Christian Michelsen Institute in Norway, to discuss the turbulence and controversies surrounding the KPK, her experience with academic work on anti-corruption and the future of anti-corruption in Indonesia.