NIAS - the Nordic Institute of Asian Studies

Announcement: NIAS is closing down!

Courage, cleverness and tenacity have not been enough. After years of spirited resistance, it is now time to face facts - without its core funding, NIAS cannot survive. With a heavy heart, we announce the final closure of the Nordic Institute of Asian Studies on 31 December 2023.

For over 55 years, NIAS has served as one of the leading research centres on Asia in the Nordic region. The reasons why it was founded back in the 1960s remain true today. Asia plays an increasingly important role in our lives yet is poorly understood. One reason is because, across the Nordic region, the field of Asian Studies has a marginal status and is fragmented across various disciplines and research environments. Read the full announcement here

About NIAS

NIAS is an academically independent Nordic research and resource center, focusing on modern Asia from a predominantly social sciences perspective. NIAS is an integrated part of the University of Copenhagen with the status of a centre under the Department of Political Science. Read more about NIAS here.