29 October 2021

Belittled Citizens - The Cultural Politics of Childhood on Bangkok's Margins

Interview with Giuseppe Bolotta by Fanny Töpper.

How is childhood experienced in the slums of Bangkok and how does it relate to socio-political processes in Thailand? What role do mothers play in the leadership of the slums? And how can we understand recent mass protests in Thailand through the lens of children’s activism?

Giuseppe Bolotta gives insights into his recently published book;‘Belittled Citizens: The Cultural Politics of Childhood on Bangkok’s Margins’ (NIAS Press, 2021). This study explores the daily lives, constraints and social worlds of children born in the slums of Bangkok. It examines how slum children define themselves – and are defined by others – in relation to a range of governing technologies, state and non-state actors, and broad cultural politics.

Giuseppe Bolotta is Assistant Professor in the Department of Asian and North African Studies at the Ca’ Foscari University of Venice and Research Associate at the National University of Singapore’s Asia Research Institute.