17 December 2021

Overseas Remittances in Vietnam’s Reform Era

With Hoàng Minh Vũ. Hosted by: Linh Phương Lê

Why was there a large flow of overseas remittances into Vietnam after 1975, and how were they channelled? Why was there so little public discussion of the financial role played by the Vietnamese diaspora? What was the Vietnamese state’s attitude towards these remittances, and how much did they help transform the Vietnamese economy? In this podcast, Linh Phương Lê talks to Hoàng Minh Vũ, a diplomatic historian of twentieth-century Vietnam and the Asia-Pacific, about the significance of remittances from the Vietnamese overseas community in reducing hyperinflation and stabilising the national economy during after the Đổi Mới period. This episode of the Nordic Asia Podcast offers a snapshot of Vietnam’s recent economic history that has far-reaching implications.

Hoàng Minh Vũ completed his PhD on the Third Indochina War at Cornell in 2020. He is currently a faculty member in history at Fulbright University in Vietnam – see here for his profile and recent publications.

Linh Phương Lê is a PhD student at the Institute for Media Studies, KU Leuven University, Belgium. Her work explores the media representation of Vietnamese female migrants to China and Taiwan. A 2020 NIAS SUPRA Fellow, Linh works on media systems, journalism practices and gender (in)equality in the media in Vietnam.