Workplace for MA and Ph.D. students

The SUPRA programme offers MA and Ph.D. students a 6-month workplace at NIAS while writing their thesis. Students with a work place at NIAS may call themselves MA/Ph.D. fellow at NIAS.




Who can apply?

MA or Ph.D. students whose thesis work is in a field that falls within the research framework of NIAS can apply. Applicants must be affiliated with an institution that is a member of the Nordic NIAS Council.

What are the benefits?

A workplace at NIAS provides easy access to the information resources provided by the library (NIAS LINC) and the advantage of being part of the NIAS research environment. In return, the student is required to work 5 hours a week for the institute (to be specified at the time, but please note that the post is unsalaried). A NIAS workplace position is an excellent way to gain an understanding of the operations of a research institute and in-depth insights in the research process.