Guest Researchers

Externally funded researchers are an important part of NIAS' in-house research base. NIAS is an open institute and we continue to expand the scope of our research and foster links with other research environments within the field of Asian studies.

Be a guest researcher at NIAS

NIAS is happy to host scholars on contemporary Asia on paid sabbatical leave or with other sources of external funding. You may base yourself at NIAS in Copenhagen, or opt for a more detached arrangement.

NIAS is open to researchers at all levels; PhD-candidates, post-docs, and senior researchers.

We offer excellent research facilities, including a digital library focusing on modern Asia, a good Nordic as well as world-wide network of contacts within Asian studies, and, not least an inspiring intellectual atmosphere. In return, we expect our researchers to be team players. We look for a willingness to contribute to the dynamic academic environment at NIAS.

When evaluating applications we consider potential synergies between the candiates and the researchers at NIAS. 

For other visiting researchers, we offer a variety of office solutions, depending on the length of the stay, and the availability of office spaces at the time. 

If you are interested in staying at NIAS as a guest researcher for a shorter or longer period, please send an e-mail to Please include your CV, a description of your current research topic and the preferred dates of your potential visit. Remember to write well in advance so there is a better chance that we have an available working space.