7 October 2021

SUPRA Students October 21

We are happy to announce that we have four new students joining us for our SUPRA Nordic online programme in October! It is a pleasure to welcome:


Alexandra Elena Carst, PhD in Innovation Management, Aalborg University


Alexandra is a double-degree PhD candidate in innovation management at Aalborg University Business School, Aalborg University, Denmark, and Sino-Danish College (SDC), University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing China. Alexandra attained her Bachelor's and a Master's degree in International Business and Chinese from the University of Southern Denmark. Her doctoral research aims at exploring the cooperative and competitive interactions in innovation ecosystems from a complementors' perspective. Though often disregarded or not properly understood, these actors named complementors bring value augmentation and unlock the full potential of an innovation. Alexandra's project intends to paint a clearer picture on the roles and interactions of complementors. Her other research interests also include coopetition strategy, innovation ecosystems, and strategic management. 

Pinja Irene Raivonen, Master in Social Sciences, University of Turku 


Pinja has studied international business and tourism management before starting her master’s in East Asian studies at University  of Turku. Her focus area during her studies has been South Korea and she spent 5 months as an exchange student in Seoul. For her thesis, she is researching how work automation can be predicted to affect employment in South Korea and how the government is preparing for these changes.


Yu Huang, Master in Philosophy and Childhood Studies, Norwegian University of Science and Technology 


Yu is currently completing her second master program in Childhood Studies at Norwegian University of Science and Technology. Her thesis focuses to explore the social inclusion experience of Chinese migration families in Norway, aiming to understand of which ways do families members experience new life relating to the intergenerational relationship. She has also spent a semester studying at the Brunel University in London, UK. Her research interests are related to migration family and intergenerational relationship, social change and development. In addition to her studies, Yu has 5 years college counseling experience and works as independent college counselor.


Yue Wang, PhD in International Relations, Tampere University

Yue is a Doctoral Researcher in International Relations at Tampere University in Finland and a Visiting Researcher at the  Arctic Centre, University of Lapland in Finland. He graduated cum laude with a Master’s degree in International Relations from the University of Groningen in the Netherlands and holds a Bachelors’ degree with honours in History (minor: International Politics) from a Chinese university. Yue Wang’s main research interests include international politics and governance in the Arctic (especially China’s involvement in the Arctic), unintended consequences of international cooperation, and Sino-EU relations. His PhD project aims to systematically understand the unintended consequences of general international cooperation, which is studied through the lens of international cooperation under the Polar Silk Road. Currently, Yue Wang is also involved in the REDEFINE project “Re-orienting development: the dynamics and effects of Chinese infrastructure
investment in Europe” via China in Europe Research Network (CHERN) and the Open University in the UK.
In this project, he is responsible for Mapping EU-China infrastructure investment policies and regulations.