11 October 2022

New SUPRA students October 2022

We are happy to announce that we have four new students joining us for our Virtual SUPRA Programme in October 2022! It is a pleasure to welcome:

Adonis Elumbre, PhD Candidate, University of Hamburg

Adonis Elumbre is doing his doctorate in Southeast Asian History at the Department for Languages and Cultures of Southeast Asia, Universität Hamburg, Germany. He is also an assistant professor (on leave) at the Department of History and Philosophy, University of the Philippines (UP) Baguio where he has taught courses in history, social sciences, and development studies. He holds an international masters in ASEAN (Southeast Asia) Studies from Universiti Malaya, Malaysia and a BA in History from UP Diliman, Philippines. His dissertation aims at conceptualising and contextualising European ethnological imaginaries of Filipinos during the late 19th century. Drawing from a range of primary sources such as academic, travel, and exhibitional texts, his research seeks to examine the different modalities through which peoples of the Philippines were ethnicised against the backdrop of a nascent Western anthropological science concerned with broader conceptions of race and specific markers of indigeneity in groups comprising it.

Grace Atienza, MA student, Norwegian University of Science and Technology

Grace is an MA student in the Childhood Studies program of the Norwegian University of Science and Technology. Her current research project focuses on the experiences and perspectives of atrisk Filipino youth who are presently collaborating with a non-governmental organization (NGO) in Manila, Philippines. This topic explores the interpersonal and intrapersonal motivations of the Filipino youth in participating on the rehabilitation program developed by the NGO. Moreover, this project aims to identify the benefits that the youth has acquired from their involvement with the program and how these advantages have impacted their lives in different aspects. Grace is a licensed professional teacher in the Philippines and has earned her bachelor’s degree on Child Development and Education, Major in Special Education at Miriam College. Fueled by her interest of working with children, she believes that this research serves as a platform where children can be empowered.

Martina Fantini, MA student, University of Tromsø

Martina’s background is in political sciences, international relations and international law, having attained her BA from the University of Bologna with a thesis focused on the qualification of terrorism in International Law. She is currently an MA student, enrolled at the faculty of International and Diplomatic Affairs of the University of Bologna, doing a research period at the Arctic University of Norways, Tromsø, under the supervision of Professor Marc Lanteigne. Her MA’s thesis project is focused on the Arctic-Chinese diplomacy, with specific attention to energy security issues. The last decade has been characterised by an increasing Chinese presence in the Arctic, either from the point of view of the exploitation of resources and infrastructure and from the point of view of norm-shaping activity. The growing influence of foreign powers (specifically China) has changed the the Arctic stance with respect of the rest of the world, giving birth to its path towards internationalisation. The specificities of this dynamic are object of analysis in Martina’s research.

Susannah Williams, PhD Candidate, University of York

Susannah is a PhD Student and Research Associate in the Politics Department at the University of York, UK. Her research interests include structural inequalities and violence under contemporary neoliberalism, particularly within the context of climate change in Southeast Asia, alongside anti-racist, decolonial, and intersectional feminist research methods.