11 April 2023

New SUPRA Students April 2023

We are happy to announce that we have four new students joining us for our Virtual SUPRA Programme in April 2023! It is a pleasure to welcome:

Darpan Gautam, MA student of Development and International Relations, Aalborg University and China and International Relations, University of International Relations in Beijing

Darpan is studying a Double masters in Development and International Relations & China and International Relations from Aalborg University and University of International Relations in Beijing. He was born and raised in Nepal and moved to Denmark 12 years ago. He has interned in the Royal Embassy of Denmark in India in the Political and Economic Section before starting his thesis. 

Jing Yang, MA student of Journalism, Media and Globalization, Aarhus University
I am enrolled in the MA program in Journalism, Media and Globalization at Aarhus University. Previously, I had a BA in English literature. I have also worked for over three years for international media based in Beijing as a local news fixer, most recently at the Guardian. My thesis focuses on how Chinese journalists report domestic violence in Mainland China. Domestic violence is an international issue, yet local factor matters. So the thesis delves into examining different levels of influence on the reporting, from micro, and individual factors to macro factors such as China's socio-political system, under the hypothesis that the state interferes with the coverage of the given issue, eventually limiting gender equality in China.

Wenxi Hu, PhD Candidate in Cultural studies, Chinese University of Hong Kong.

I am a Phd candidate in Cultural studies department at CUHK. I majored in Chinese literature during my undergraduate studies at the South Normal University of China. I obtained my MPhil degree in Chinese Contemporary and Modern Literature from the East Normal University of China. I am exploring the representation of human-waste experiences within a trans-media framework for my Ph.D. dissertation. Using "documentary mode" as an opening frame, I examine how photography, art, and poetry visualize environmental waste while facilitating the ambiguous relationship between waste and humans. By exploring what is at stake in defining waste and how these definitions of waste work for specific kinds of people, I am also concerned about how the representation of the human-waste relationship interacts with geopolitical relations, gender politics, and technical aesthetics.


Tentative Research TopicDocumenting/ Feeling waste: Documentary Mode and Environmental literature and films in Contemporary China 


Research Interests: Environmental humanity, film and media studies, Chinese modern and contemporary literature and culture. 

Xin Zhou, MA student of Political Communication, University of Gothenburg

Xin Zhou is a master's student in Political Communication at the University of Gothenburg. He has a bachelor's degree in journalism and is doing an Erasmus+ exchange semester in social data science at the University of Helsinki. He has an interdisciplinary background, including computational social sciences and digital methods coursework. His project investigates the role of symbolic power in reinforcing authoritarianism through image-based propaganda narratives on Chinese social media. By integrating theoretical concepts from political philosophy, media studies, and semiotics and employing a mixedmethods approach, the study aims to uncover how visual propaganda sustains and reinforces authoritarian regimes. He has collected a dataset of images from Chinese social media platforms, which will be analyzed using computer-assisted content analysis, semiotic analysis, and machine learning algorithms.