Publish with NIAS Press

NIAS Press is not a publishing juggernaut. Indeed, we pride ourselves in being a small niche press catering to specialized needs. As such, having spent several years researching and writing their new book, some scholars may hesitate before offering the manuscript to NIAS Press. Often, they may be right. However, you might also like to consider the following.

Small is beautiful

We offer our authors truly personalized treatment. We also have the nimbleness rarely found at larger presses so can make and implement decisions quickly.

Big friends help

We manage our European home market ourselves but in the rest of the world our books are promoted and sold by local experts. This means that books from NIAS Press are available from local sources all over in the world.

Scholarly quality

All NIAS Press books are peer reviewed and receive thorough editorial treatment. We also insist on producing high-quality books. As a university-based press, we can take on projects commercial publishers might shun, without any compromises in quality.

Going the extra distance

Many of our authors are newly qualified and have never published before. Our books are published in English but usually English is not the mother tongue of our authors. Both issues require special handling, something we have practised successfully for decades.

Nordic value, global influence

About half of our titles originate from Nordic-based research. A key mandate of the Press is to prepare these for international publication and bring them to the attention of the global scholarly community.

Maximizing your audience

We work closely with authors to promote their books. Not least, we identify the best journals for review, submit new titles for book prizes, display them at a wide range of academic conferences, and reach out to readers via academic lists, direct contact, etc.

Value for money

We often publish our books both in paperback and in hardback at reasonable prices, and aim to keep them in print indefinitely. We can rarely offer high author royalties but our authors get many free copies and a substantial discount on all NIAS titles.

Track record

We have kick-started the academic careers of many (esp. Nordic) scholars and a good number of established international scholars continue publishing with us. This says something about our record for nourishing knowledge and bringing it to the world.

If you would like to propose a manuscript for publication, please read through our proposal guidelines first.