NIAS Associates

Alexandra Kent
Tel: (+46) 739149877

Alix works on Cambodia, especially questions of religion, healing, politics, conflict management and justice.

Alexandra Kent

Anyarat Chattharakul
Tel: +316 2133 5992

Anyarat works on vote-canvassing networks, electoral campaigning, democratisation, power politics, vote-buying, patron-client relationships and political parties, especially in Thailand.

Anyarat Chattharakul

Ari Olavi Kokko, Professor
Tel: (+45) 3815 2533

Ari is a professor of international business at Copenhagen Business School. He has published widely on economic development, international trade, and foreign direct investment, especially in relation to China and Vietnam.

Ari Olavi Kokko

Birgit Bräuchler, Associate Professor
Tel: (+45) 35 33 13 08

Birgit is associate professor at the Department of Anthropology, University of Copenhagen. Her research interests include media and digital anthropology; conflict and peace studies; protest movements, activism and brokerage; human and cultural rights; with a focus on Indonesia.


Christian Bueger, Professor
(+45) 35 32 50 66

Christian is a professor of international relations at the Department for Political Science. His research focuses on ocean governance and maritime security in the Indo-Pacific.


Clemens Stubbe Østergaard, Senior Research Fellow
Tel: (+45) 2014 5106

Clemens is emeritus associate professor of political science at Aarhus University. His interests include Chinese politics, foreign and economic policy, and Denmark-China relations.


 Clemens Stubbe Østergaard

Chunrong LiuFudan-European Centre for China Studies, University of Oslo
Tel: +45 3532 9522

Chunrong is a political scientist with a focus on contemporary China


Chunrong Liu

Danqing Xu, Guest Researcher
Tel: (+45) 91 99 45 22

Danqing received her PhD in social sciences from Okayama University in Japan in 2021. She works on the modern history of China-Japan relations, with a focus on the role of mass media in intercultural communication between the two countries. Her dissertation was on the views of China presented in Japanese publications of the 1920s and 1930s.


Donald B. Wagner, Dr. Phil, Senior Research Fellow
Tel: (+45) 3331 2581

Don has a background in Chinese studies and mathematics, and has a wide range of academic interests.

Donald B. Wagner

Edyta Roszko, Research Professor
Tel: (+45) 3532 9500

Edyta’s research takes a broader perspective on maritime disputes, fisheries and militia in relation to and beyond territorially bounded states and economic and security interests.

Edyta Roszko

Elizabeth Brunner, PhD, MFA
Tel: -

Elizabeth is a US-based academic and author of the book Environmental Activism, Social Media, and Protest in China: Becoming Activists Over Wild Public Networks, which examines the use of social media in anti-PX protests in China.

Elizabeth Brunner

Flemming Ytzen, Journalist

Tel: (+45) 2530 4102

Flemming is a veteran journalist who has covered East Asia for various Danish media organizations, notably Politiken, and comments regularly on Asian affairs for DR2 and TV2 News.

Flemming Ytsen

Gitte Marianne Hansen, PhD, Reader in Japanese Studies
Tel: -

Gitte is a Reader in Japanese studies at Newcastle University in the UK. Her current interests include Japanese fiction, especially the work of Murakami Haruki.

Gitte Marianne Hansen

Ida Nicolaisen, Senior Researcher
Tel: (+45) 3532 9533

Ida is a cultural anthropologist who works on indigenous peoples, socio-economic development, and human rights. She has a regional focus on Southeast Asia and West Africa.

Ida Nicolaisen

Johannes Dragsbæk Schmidt, Adjunct Associate Professor 
(+45) 9940 8404 

Johannes is currently working on one commissioned chapter "South Asian Cities: Informalisation of ecological and social change" for Routledge Handbook of Asian Cities. Furthermore, he is working on Climate Policy in Bhutan and also Foreign Policy of Bhutan and is planning fieldwork in the country in relation to the elections taking place in June 2023.


Jørgen Delman, Dr., Professor
Tel: (+45) 3532 8827

Jørgen is emeritus professor of China Studies at the University of Copenhagen. His interests include politics and governance, business and politics, civil society, science and technology, and climate and energy politics. He is a former director of NIAS.

Jørgen Delman

Kjeld Erik Brødsgaard, Professor, PhD, Director of Asia Research Centre
Tel: (+45) 3815 5758

Kjeld is Professor of Chinese Studies at Copenhagen Business School (CBS). His interests include China’s political economy in a comparative perspective, and corporate governance in the state sector.

Kjeld Erik Brødsgaard

Ma Yi, Postdoctoral Researcher

Ma holds a postdoctoral fellowship in the Department of Cross-Cultural and Regional Studies at the University of Copenhagen, where he works on soft law governance in China.


Ma Yi

Merete Pedersen, MA in Japanese Studies
Tel: (+45) 26 85 59 38

Merete is former Japanese subject librarian at University of Copenhagen. She is active in researching and cataloging early Japanese books and prints from ca. 1700-1900 in collaboration with museums and scholars. She has attended many summer schools and workshops on Edo period palaeography.   See activities list 

Merete Pedersen

Mette Holm, Journalist

Tel: (+45) 2812 5300

Mette is a veteran journalist who has reported extensively from China (including Taiwan), Vietnam, Laos, Burma, Mongolia and a number of other Asian countries. She has written several books on the region, China in particular and is a frequent speaker and commentator in major Danish media

Mette Holm

Mikael Gravers, Associate Professor
Tel: (+45) 89 42 46 73

Mikael is an anthropologist and best known for his writings on various ethnic communities of Myanmar while he has also published works on religion and politics in Myanmar. He is an emeritus associate professor at Aarhus University.

Mikael Gravers

Nina Trige Andersen, Independent researcher
Tel: (+45) 50 15 81 01

Nina is a historian and journalist focused on mobility, labor, politics, and organizing in and between Southeast Asia and the Nordic countries. Her latest book is ‘Labor Pioneers. Economy, Labor, and Migration in Filipino-Danish Relations 1950-2015’, Ateneo de Manila University Press, 2019.

Pauline Stoltz, Associate Professor, PhD
Tel: (+45) 9940 8423

Pauline is associate professor at National Sun Yat-sen University in Kaohsiung, Taiwan and visiting senior research fellow at King's College London. Her most recent book is Gender, resistance and transnational memories of violent conflict (Palgrave Macmillan 2020) on memories of violent conflicts in Indonesia. She edits the Gendering Asia book series at NIAS Press.

Pauline Stoltz

Petra Alderman, Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Tel: (+45) 3532 9500

Petra Alderman (prev. Desatova) is a Post-Doctoral Research Fellow in Leadership for Inclusive and Democratic Politics at the University of Birmingham. She works in the areas of democracy, authoritarianism, elections, environmental leadership, and promotional politics (mainly nation branding). She has a geographical focus on Southeast Asia and is fluent in Thai.

In addition to her research work, Petra is also a regular host on (and a former editor of) the Nordic Asia Podcast series. 

Go to Petra Desatová's full profile

Petra Desastová

Ravinder Kaur, Associate Professor
Tel: +45 51 30 27 05

Ravinder Kaur is associate professor of modern India and South Asia at the University of Copenhagen. Her latest book is Brand New Nation: Capitalist Dreams and Nationalist Designs in Twenty-First Century India (Stanford University Press 2020).

Ravinder Kaur

Saba Joshi, PhD
Tel: (+45) 3532 9500
Email: -

Saba is currently a Swiss National Science Foundation Research Fellow at Queen Elizabeth House, University of Oxford. She works on feminist political economy, the comparative politics of land governance and contentious politics, with a geographical focus on South and Southeast Asia.

Saba Joshi

Sarah Swider, Associate Professor 
+45 35 33 33 18

Sarah an Associate Professor at Wayne State University (USA), an Affiliate of the Center for Chinese Studies at the University of Michigan, and an Affiliated Research Professor in Sociology at the University of Copenhagen.

Sarah Swider

Stig Toft Madsen,
Tel: (+45) 2280 5611
Email: or

Stig works on India, South Asia, the Nordic countries and Eurasia.

Stig Toft Madsen

Søren Ivarsson, Associate professor
Tel: (+45) 31 95 77 43 / (+66) 903 175 691

Søren is associate professor of history at Chiang Mai University. He has worked on various aspects of Thailand and Laos's history. His current research deals with the interplay between Scandinavian entrepreneurs and the royal elite in Siam in the development of capitalism in Thailand. 

 Søren Ivarsson

Vibeke Børdahl, Dr. Phil, Senior Research Fellow
Tel: (+47) 67123881

Vibeke is a senior scholar of Chinese language and literature who has authored and edited numerous books and translations, including Han Xin’s Challenge (co-edited, NIAS Press 2019).

Vibeke Børdahl