Duncan McCargo

Duncan McCargo , Director
Tel: (+45) 3532 4628

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Marie Yoshida

Marie Yoshida, Senior Advisor
Tel: (+45) 3532 9521

Marie coordinates the Asian Dynamics Initiative – ADI – a University of Copenhagen project, which promotes Asian studies across the humanities and social sciences

Amanda Lybke Rasmussen

Amanda Lybke Rasmussen , Student Assistant
Tel: (+45) 3532 9500

Amanda helps make everything happen at NIAS, including our events, the visiting residency programme, and our e-resources

Susanne Boelt Kristiansen

Susanne Boelt Kristiansen , Student Assistant
Tel: (+45) 3532 9500

Susanne helps make everything happen at NIAS, including our events, our visiting residency programme, and our e-resources

Tyra Winther Orton, Student Assistant
Tel: (+45) 3532 9500

Tyra helps make everything happen at NIAS, including our events, our visiting residency programme, and our e-resources

Fakhrul Islam

Fakhrul Islam, IT Support
Tel: (+45) 3532 9500

Fakhrul maintains and develops our Asiaportal website and the NIAS library IT infrastructure, so we can all do our work.

Library & Information Centre

Inga-Lill Blomkvist

Inga-Lill Blomkvist, Librarian and Web-coordinator
Tel: (+45) 3532 9512

Inga-Lill creates fantastic electronic resources about Asia – to be found on the AsiaPortal – and co-ordinates NNC cooperation around these resources. She also manages the NIAS website.

NIAS Press

Gerald Jackson

Gerald Jackson, Editor-in-Chief
Tel: (+45) 35 32 95 03

Gerald creates wonderful books about Asia. His formal title does not do justice to his many talents and responsibilities.

Fanny Töpper

Fanny Töpper, Publishing Assistant
Tel: (+45) 3533 2604

Fanny helps NIAS Press create wonderful books about Asia, working on marketing, editorial and other matters.

David Stuligross

David Stuligross, Desk Editor
Tel: (+45) 3532 9501

David polishes up our books to make them even better.


Petra Desastová

Petra Desatová, Postdoctoral Researcher
Tel: (+45) 3532 9500

Petra teaches and researches about Southeast Asia, and edits the Nordic Asia Podcast series.
Her interests include nation branding, political branding/marketing, governance, forms and techniques of state power, authoritarianism and its resilience, elections and electoral violence, nationalism, and national identity.

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Guest researchers

Gitte Marianne Hansen

Gitte Marianne Hansen, Guest Researcher
Tel: (+45) 35320 9500

Gitte does research on Japan, especially Japanese culture, literature, manga, anime, film, contemporary Japanese society, Murakami Haruki, Miyazaki Hayao, gender and character construction theory.

Andreas Forsby

Andreas Bøje Forsby, Guest Researcher 
Tel: (+45) 61 777 111

Andreas is an international relations specialist who works on China's foreign and security policy, China’s identity and emotional assertiveness, US-China strategic rivalry, Nordic-China relations, the South China Sea and the Korean Peninsula.

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Affiliated PhD students

Lisa Lindkvist Zhang

Lisa Lindkvist Zhang, Associated PhD Student
Tel: +45 4232 0120 / +49 15773761466

Research areas:
Lisa works on Modern China, Late Qing and Republican Intellectual History, Indian Philosophy, and Translation Studies.

Tabita Rosendal

Tabita Rosendal Ebbesen, Associated PhD Student
Tel: +45 29244018

Tabita Rosendal is a PhD student at the Centre for East and South-East Asian Studies at Lund University, Sweden, where she also lectures on China’s modern history as well as contemporary Chinese politics and society.