Lunch Talk: A SLAPP in the face – the state of Academic Freedom in Thailand

We are happy to invite to a lunch talk on academic freedom in Thailand, with PhD Karin Zackari. Feel free to bring along your lunch and listen in on this interesting talk.  


Thailand is usually found in the lower tiers of global human rights and freedom rankings. Yet, in the past ten years academic freedom in Thailand has decreased substantially. The talk addresses the indicators of de facto academic freedom, and the various ways in which academic freedom has been attacked in Thailand since the return to military authoritarianism in 2014. Special attention is given to the increase of the use of strategic lawsuits against public participation (SLAPP) to censure and silence scholars and students.


Speaker's bio

Karin Zackari (PhD.), lecturer in human rights and researcher in history at Lund University. Her writings are on human rights history in Thailand, visual practices in human rights movements, state violence and nationalism. She is also a member of Scholars at Risk at Lund University.