Jin Ping Mei Book Launch and Scientific Symposium

Jin Ping Mei cover title

Jin Ping Mei 
The Oral, the Written and the Pictorial in Late Imperial Chinese Fiction

An international symposium in Copenhagen

26-27-28 October 2022

2022 年 10月 26-27-28 日

Held under the joint auspices of the Royal Danish Academy of Sciences and Letters丹麦王国科学院, Nordic Institute of Asian Studies 北欧亚洲研究所, and Vandkunsten Publishers 泉水出版社

With the support of the S.C.Van Foundation, the Carlsberg Foundation and The Royal Danish Academy of Sciences and Letters


Vibeke Børdahl (NIAS)

Søren Møller Christensen (Vandkunsten)

Please, note: Most of the Chinese participants are not able to attend because of the covid crisis, but we are very happy to welcome those who have succeeded. A few of the other participants also had to resign. The absent speakers are marked with italics in the program. However,  we shall have the papers by the absent participants  discussed by those who are present. Alle the papers are readily available in the work Jin Ping MeiA Wild Horse in Chinese Literature, NIAS Press, 2022, which will be published at the symposium.

The symposium is open for scholars and students in the field of Chinese humanities as well as others who are specially interested. Please contact the convenors on this e-mail: info@forlagetvandkunsten.dk


Wednesday, 26 October  4-5:30 pm. and 7:30-9:30 pm.


Public Book Launch in celebration of the Danish edition ofJin Ping Mei i vers og prosa, 10 volumes, 2011-2022


4- 5:30 pm. at The Royal Library, Søren Kierkegaards Plads 1

  • Music: Flutenist Mathias Zonca
  • Opening words
  • Performances: Abbi Patrix, storyteller, Compagnie du Cercle, Paris (English); Liu Kun, master of wood block art (demonstration), Karsten Pharao (reciter, DR) (Danish);


Meeting with the Danish Society for Book Craft

7:30 - 9:30 pm. at The Royal Library

  • David L. Rolston (USA): The Jin Ping Mei Illustrations (English)
  • Bent Lerbæk Pedersen (Denmark): Manuscripts and rare books from China in the Royal Library (presentation with demonstration) (English)
  • 刘坤Liu Kun and 张敏Zhang Min (China): The art of Chinese block printing (demonstration of Chinese traditional wood cut technique) (Chinese and English)
  • Marja Kaikkonen (Sweden): The Chinese block printing of Mr Liu Kun, Yangzhou
  • Søren Møller Christensen (Denmark): The Jin Ping Mei Illustrations of the Danish Edition.

Informal gathering with members of the Danish Society for Book Craft.


Thursday, 27 October 9:30 am. - 4 pm.


Venue: Carlsberg Academy, Gamle Carlsberg Vej 15

Copenhagen Symposium 哥本哈根研讨会

金瓶梅詞話Jin Ping Mei in Verse and Prose. The Oral, the Written and the Pictorial in Late Imperial Chinese Fiction

Languages: English and Chinese

9:30 am.- 4 pm. Books from NIAS Press on display in foyer 書展

10:00-10:20 am. Opening of the symposium 开幕词

  • Words of Welcome: Minna Skafte Jensen (Deputy of the Royal Danish Academy); Gerald Jackson (NIAS); Ditlev Tamm (Director of the Van-Foundation); Søren Møller Christensen (Vandkunsten Publishers); Vibeke Børdahl (NIAS)


10:20-10:30 am. Presentation of the book project for the symposium

  • Gerald Jackson (NIAS Press): Celebrating Jin Ping Mei – A Wild Horse in Chinese Literature


First Session 上午

Jin Ping Mei in translation. Forbidden at home, forbidden abroad

10:30-11:40 am. Moderator: Lintao Qi

  • 吴敢 Wu Gan (China):《金瓶梅》外文翻译的新成果 [New Achievements in the Translation of Jin Ping Mei into Foreign Languages] (Chinese) – discussant Lintao Qi (10 min)
  • David L. Rolston (Michigan, U.S.A.): The Strategy and Process of David Tod Roy's English Translation of Jin Ping Mei (English) (20 min)
  • Lucie Olivová (Czechia): The Architecture of Ximen Qing’s Residence: Visualizing the General Layout and Translating it into a European Language and Culture (English) (20 min)
  • Marja Kaikkonen (Stockholm, Sweden): Jin Ping Mei as Forbidden Fruit: Ban, Burn, Beat, Punish! (English) (20 min)

11:40-12:20 am. Tea and Coffee


Second session 下午

Customs and sexual life in late Ming

12:20 am.-1:40 pm. Moderator: Rainier Lanselle

  • Keith McMahon (Kansas, U.S.A.): Sexual Portrayal in Jin Ping Mei (English) (20 min)
  • Yuko Kawashima (Hiroshima, Japan): A Book that Invites Lust. The Fate of Jin Ping Mei during the Edo period in Japan (English)(20 min)
  • Lintao Qi (Monash, Australia): The Adaptation of Sex and Sexy Adaptations: Rewriting Jin Ping Mei for the Mid-20th Century Anglophone Market (English)(20 min)
  • Ondřej Vicher (Czechia): Sex-related expressions or vulgarism? On the occurrences of the word 㒲 in two main editions of Jin Ping Mei (English)(20 min)


1:40-3:00 pm. Lunch at the Carlsberg Academy


Woodblock Art. Demonstration of woodblock carving

3:00 pm.-4:00 pm. Moderator: Marja Kaikkonen

  • Robert E. Hegel (St. Louis, Missouri, U.S.A): Picturing Ximen Qing’s World: The Chongzhen edition Illustrations – discussant Keith McMahon (English) (10 min)
  • 张敏 Zhang Min (Nanjing, China): Pictures and Words as Mirrors: How Woodblock Art and Literary Art in Jin Ping Mei Modify Each Other (English) (20 min)
  • 刘坤Liu Kun (Yangzhou, China): 中國木刻傳統:金瓶梅崇禎本的插圖 [Chinese block printing: The illustrations of the Chongzhen edition of Jin Ping Mei ] Demonstration of the block cutting technique (Chinese/English)(30 min)

Friday, 28 October  10 am. - 3 pm.

Copenhagen Symposium (continued)

Venue: The Royal Danish Academy of Sciences and Letters, H.C. Andersens Boulevard 35


9:30 am.- 3 pm. Books from NIAS Press on display in foyer 書展


First session 上午

Novel interlaced with opera. Novel as folk art.

10:00-10:40 am. Moderator: David L. Rolston

  • 霍现俊Huo Xianjun (China): 《金瓶梅词话》剧曲的功能与意图 [The Function and Purpose of Opera Scripts Referred to in Jin Ping Mei] – discussant Margaret Wan (English)(10 min)
  • 张婷婷 Zhang Tingting (China): The Historical Value of the Customs of Late Ming Drama as Portrayed in Jin Ping Mei [《金瓶梅》中的晚明演剧风俗与艺术史价值](English) -– discussant Ondrej Vicher (10 min)
  • Martin Gimm (Germany): The Game of Official Advancement, Shengguan tu. A Macaronic Folk Ballad from the Middle of the Qing Dynasty (English) – discussant Rüdiger Breuer (20 min)


10:40-11:20 Tea and coffee

Second session 下午

Storytelling and Jin Ping Mei: Performance of an episode in Yangzhou storytelling

11:20 pm.-12:40 pm. Moderator: Margaret Wan

  • Vibeke Børdahl (Copenhagen/Oslo): Jin Ping Mei cihua and pinghua Storytelling (English)(20 min)
  • Rainier Lanselle (Paris, France): Wu Song Reborn: The Reconstruction of the Chinese Storytelling Database (English)(20)
  • 马伟Ma Wei (Yangzhou, China): 王派水浒“武松杀嫂” [“Wu Song Kills his Sister-in-law” from the Wang school of Water Margin] – Film (Chinese)(20 min)


Closing of the symposium

12:40-1:40 pm. Moderator: Ondřej Vicher

A Wild Horse in Chinese Literature

  • 刘祯Liu Zhen (Beijing, China): 《金瓶梅》,中国文学史的一匹野马 [A Wild Horse in the History of Chinese Literature: The Value and Influence of Jin Ping Mei ] (Chinese) – discussant David Rolston (English)(20 min)
  • Concluding discussion (English and Chinese) (30min)
  • Minna Skafte Jensen (deputy, RDA): Words of conclusion (English)

1:40-3:00 pm. Lunch at the Royal Academy of Science and Letters

3:30-5 pm. Visit to the David Collection. Kronprinsessegade 30.

  • Lucie Olivová: Chinoiseries: Focusing on Embellishment of Immovables