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In the Nordic region researchers and students focusing on Asia may be scattered or isolated in small research environments. In order to strengthen Nordic Asian studies, NIAS initiates and support networks across different institutions within the five Nordic countries.

Networking is integral to NIAS’ mode of operation: networks are essential for maintaining a dynamic programme of research, dissemination, research education, library services, conferences, workshops and guest lectures. The SUPRA programme can provide financial support for networking activities of these kinds.

If you wish to apply for support to a workshop/seminar or other activity organized by your network, please send an e-mail to, containing the name of the network, where it is based and a short description of the event.








Central Asia



East Asia









Southeast Asia


NISN LogoThe Nordic Indonesia Studies Network is a scholarly, non-political, non-profit professional initiative to foster scholarly cooperation within the Nordic countries in the field of Indonesian studies.

The aim of the network is to bring together a variety of researchers; from the most experienced Indonesia hands to the youngest researchers who are just commencing their studies, and from all disciplines within the social sciences. NISN seeks to promote and encourage the study and teaching of all aspects relating to the society, culture and literature of the Republic of Indonesia. The network organizes seminars, and workshops for scholars, Ph.D. students, MA students, and other interested parties. We aspire to facilitate discussion among members on topics of Indonesian interest, and to promote and enhance the interest in Indonesian studies within the Nordic countries.

Our activities receive support from a variety of private and public sources. NISN is hosted by the Nordic Institute of Asian Studies, and all NISN funds are administered by NIAS staff under the University of Copenhagen. For past and upcoming activities, please check AU's information page about us.

For more information please contact:

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South Asia




NoFSA is a network linking Nordic resources on South Asia within research, culture, business, public administration, NGOs, the media, etc. The idea is to help people across sectors draw on each other´s experience and expertise, primarily though our mailing list and ourfacebook group. NoFSA is an independent organisation hosted by the Department of Culture Studies and Oriental Languages at the University of Oslo. We are the first network of its kind in the Nordic region, and we welcome anyone with a professional interest in South Asia.

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