Nordic Collaboration

For over 50 years, NIAS has been working to bring Nordic countries and Asia closer and to contribute to the development of Asian studies in the Nordic region. Nordic values and ideals ranging from a strong commitment to action on climate and sustainability, to support for gender equality, human rights and democracy, have been a source of inspiration across Asia. NIAS is dedicated to exchanging insights with Asian partners about promoting the green agenda and making the best use of new digital innovations.  

NNC - strong Nordic links

NIAS has strong inter-Nordic ties in education and research, as well as in many other fields, as seen in the Nordic NIAS Council - NNC, which had formalized and consolidate institutional cooperation between Nordic universities and research institutions in the field of Asian studies.

Through their membership, NNC partners have access to our library including its electronic resources, and access to the SUPRA programme, under which we offer Nordic scholars and students the opportunity to work, network and use the institute's information resources both remotely and during their stays at NIAS – an important part of strengthening the Nordic research community.


A Nordic Hub for Asian Studies

Due to our emphasis on research-based knowledge and information on Asia, NIAS is a major contributor to the international recognition of and respect for Nordic Asia research.

By working with the Nordic Council of Ministers, NordForsk, the NNC and the University of Copenhagen, we have a strong base to carry out interdisciplinary research, bringing together Nordic researchers, and provide important services to the research community

We also collaborate with other Nordic research networks, including the Swedish South Asia Network, SASNet, and university networks for Asian studies in Stockholm, Bergen and Århus. The Nordic Centre India and the Nordic Centre at Fudan in Shanghai, the two leading Nordic consortiums in higher education and research in these two Asian giants, are valuable collaborative forums for bringing together Nordic and Asian researchers.



The University of Copenhagen

Since its inauguration in 1968 NIAS has had a close working relationship with University of Copenhagen. The university has physically hosted NIAS from its foundation.

As of 1 January 2005, NIAS was incorporated as an independent academic institute under Danish university law, hosted by the Faculty of Social Sciences at the University of Copenhagen. In September 2011, NIAS became part of the Department of Political Science.

Researchers and students at the University of Copenhagen have full access to the services that NIAS offers. This includes access to NIAS LINC’s services including databases, journals and e-books. NIAS researchers and associates play an active part in collaborative projects with the University of Copenhagen and Copenhagen University Library.

Asian Dynamics Initiative

NIAS is a part of the University of Copenhagen's Asian Dynamics Initiative (ADI) and acts as host to the ADI Secretariat.

The Asian Dynamics Initiative (ADI) was launched in 2008 as an interdisciplinary research and teaching endeavour, based at both the Faculty of Humanities and the Faculty of Social Sciences.   

The purpose of the initiative is to strengthen studies on Asia at the University of Copenhagen by coordinating existing competencies and activities as well as engaging in new cross-faculty research and teaching projects.