How to use NIAS

Take part in the NIAS research environment

NIAS offers students and researchers access to our digital library resources, open research community and friendly atmosphere. The NIAS SUPRA programme offers scholarships and workplaces for MA and PhD students as well as resources for guest researchers.

Use our networks

With a mandate to support studies on Asia in the Nordic region, NIAS hosts and supports a broad network of individualsinstitutions and interest groups.

Use our information resources

Through NIAS Press and NIAS LINC - the Library and Information Centre, we can offer:

  • Access to theAsiaPortal with online information resources focusing on modern Asia, including databases and e-books
  • Publication by northern Europe’s only Asian Studies Press

In addition, you can:

  • Search through our researchers or current research projects to find research partners
  • Find ways to share ideas and information through our EurAsia networks
  • Further your skills and learning by participating in seminars and workshops
  • Seek information through our AsiaPortal
  • Disseminate your findings to a wider readership through NIAS Press
  • Become visible: Blog through InFocus at AsiaPortal.
  • Follow NIAS on Facebook or Twitter.
  • Your inquiries are always welcome: we love finding new ways to collaborate.