About NIAS

Who are we?

We live and breathe Asia, and we love making connections. We share Asia-related expertise across the Nordic region.

NIAS is an academically independent Nordic research and resource centre, focusing on contemporary Asia primarily from a social science perspective. We are also an integral part of the University of Copenhagen, a Centre under the Department of Political Science.

Nordic Focus

Asian studies is a rather marginal field, and in the Nordic region is fragmented across many, relatively small, research environments. By working Nordically, we provide networks and facilities for scholars and students working in Asian studies across the region.

Through our Nordic NIAS Council (NNC), in which leading Nordic universities and research institutions participate, NIAS connects people, shares resources and makes academic work happen.

Research matters

NIAS is a research centre with an agenda of themes that matter greatly to both Asia and the Nordic region, including climate and sustainability, gender, digitalization, democracy and human rights, and geopolitics. We pursue our own projects in these areas, for which we seek external grant funding, with the aim of producing high quality scholarly publications and contributions to policy debates.

Beyond research

We are also a resource centre: we provide extensive electronic information resources on Asia, and we have our own well-regarded publishing arm, NIAS Press. Through the library, the press, conferences and workshops, commentary on current affairs, and contact with media, government and businesses, we constantly seek to broaden knowledge about Asia in the Nordic region.

Nordic value

NIAS operates as a Nordic organization and from a Nordic perspective. We receive much of our funding through NordForsk, a regional research council which operates under the Nordic Council of Ministers. In line with the priorities of NordForsk, we are focused on two main goals: academic quality, and Nordic value.