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Nicol Foulkes Savinetti
Managing Editor, Asia in Focus & Affiliated Researcher

(+45) 3532 9530
Areas of responsibility: 

Oversee and coordinate the journal’s editorial activities.


For my PhD (University of Tampere, 2015) using chiefly qualitative methods, I investigated how Nordic social citizenship is affected by temporary migration to India, with the notion of privilege as a lens to filter the analysis. The thesis can be accessed here.

My future research plans are to build on the foundations of my Master’s and PhD to deepen the understanding of how privilege, difference and culture interconnect in this era of globalization. I have a particular interest in addressing the issue of how social inclusion and exclusion arises in cross-cultural encounters (e.g. work, study, leisure time) and how this in turn impacts wellbeing. In parallel with working on the journal and deciding on a post-doc project, I am continuing freelance work offering language, research and relocation services (see and developing the arts organisation that I founded in 2016, IMMART - International Migration Meets the Arts (see

Selected publications: 

Selected Publications

Ristikari T., Merikukka M., Savinetti N. F, and Malloy T. E. (2018). Path Modeling of Children’s Life Outcomes: The 1987 Finnish Birth Cohort. Journal of Public Health (Berl.).   

Savinetti, N. F. (2018). Industrial Citizenship and International Mobility: Employer’s Interventions into the State of Welfare of Danish and Finnish ‘Expats’ in India. In S. Schliewe, N. Chaudhary and P. Marsico (eds.), Cultural Psychology of Intervention in the Globalized World. Charlotte, NC: Information Age Publishing 

Savinetti, N. F. (2018). Finnish Citizens’ Encounters with the Social and Spatial Environment in Indian Mega-cities. In D. Habti and M. Elo (eds.), Global Mobility of Highly Skilled People. New York: Springer Publishing 

Savinetti, N. F. (2015). Encountering Difference – The experience of Nordic highly skilled citizens in India (Lectio Praecursoria). Siirtolaisuus Migration, 3/2015. Institute of Migration Finland, pp. 19-23 

Foulkes, N. (2014). The Perils of Highly-Skilled Mobility. Welfare Risk and Temporary Migration from the Nordic Region to India. Journal of Finnish Studies, 17(1/2), pp. 199-224 

Foulkes, N. & Madsen, S. T. (2014). Showtime and Exposures in New India. The Revelations of Lucky Farmhouse. In K. Nielsen and A. K. Waldrop (eds.) Transforming Gender in India. London: Anthem Press, pp. 89-102 

Foulkes, N., (2011). Encountering difference. Nordic privileged migrants in Indian mega-cities. In Saara Koikkalainen and Elli Heikkilä, eds. (2011). New Forms of Migration – Finns Abroad. Turku: Institute of Migration, pp. 127-151