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News from NIAS

Stewart Watters New Affiliated Researcher at NIAS

Stewart Watters is tasked with establishing a NIAS Arctic Research Group to look at the growing interest in the Arctic region by Asian countries and, in particular, what this means for the Nordic countries and the Arctic Council.
Stewart has previously worked as Advocacy Director at an international NGO focused on political dialogue with China and before joining NIAS he worked on foreign policy and human rights at the UK Parliament in London. He has conducted assignments at foreign ministries across Europe, in Washington DC, New Delhi, Beijing and Tokyo.
Stewart is a British national but speaks Danish and has previously studied at Aarhus University. He studied for a joint Masters in Politics and Scandinavian Studies at Edinburgh University. His Masters thesis looked at the strategic role of Greenland during the Cold War and its impact on Greenlandic autonomy.

Edyta Roszko gets Rechtskulturen-fellowship

Edyta Roszko, NIAS affiliate, has been selected and nominated as a Fellow of the Berlin Postdoctoral Fellow Program “Rechtskulturen: Confrontations Beyond Comparison" at the Wissenschaftkolleg zu Berlin for the academic year 2012/2013. Rechtskulturen is a program of the Berlin Research Network Recht im Kontext at the Forum Transregionale Studien, a new research platform designed to promote research that connects systematic and region specific questions from a perspective that addresses entanglements and interactions, beyond national, cultural, or regional framework. During her Rechtskulturen-fellowship, Edyta will research aspects of the legal and customary procedures simultaneously facilitating and constraining the use of marine spaces and goods in the South China Sea.

New guest researcher at NIAS

Sasikumar is a Master’s student at Central European University (CEU) studying International Relations and European Studies. Before matriculating to CEU he was an Assistant Researcher at the Institute for Defence Studies and Analyses (IDSA), New Delhi. At IDSA he researched and reported on India’s Foreign and Security Policy, Nuclear deterrence in the Asian Region, China’s naval modernization and maritime security in the Indian Ocean Region. Before IDSA he worked as a Research Fellow on a major research project analyzing India’s nuclear and missile policy making. He has written for Strategic Analysis, CBW Magazine as well as several IDSA reports. At NIAS he is working on India’s grand strategy in the South Asia region as a part of his Master’s dissertation at CEU.

Bo Ærenlund Sørensen receives grant to do a PhD at Oxford University

Bo Ærenlund Sørensen, NIAS affiliate, has been offered a PhD position, with an accompanying Arts & Humanities Research Council grant at Oxford University. Bo will start working on his PhD entitled "Chinese Labor in the Age of New Media" from the fall semester.

NIAS Nordic Institute of Asian Studies signs collaboration agreement with the new China National Renewable Energy Center.

As part of the opening ceremony of the new China National Renewable Energy Center (CNREC) in Beijing 24 February NIAS’ Chief Librarian Anja Møller Rasmussen will sign a memorandum of collaboration with CNREC represent by Director Wang Zhongying.

The two institutions acknowledging past collaboration and inspired by the extensive possibilities offered by international collaboration,  recognize the need to develop and nurture new partnerships and to share human and material resources, with the aim to contribute to the pool of global knowledge on renewable energy, advance the development of our respective organizations and create opportunities for a joint approach to cooperation between the Nordic countries and China in the development of renewable energy R&D systems.

New workplace student at NIAS

27 february NIAS has the pleasure of welcoming a new workplace student.

Josipa Bicanic is studying for a Master degree in International Development and Management at Lund University. In her thesis, Josipa focuses on "In the context of our current globalized food system, how have available agricultural extension services shaped agricultural development in rural communities of Western Nepal as well as in Eastern USA.

New guest researcher at NIAS

Vu Thi Thao is currently a guest researcher at NIAS. She received her PhD in Human Geography from University of Copenhagen. She graduated BA Economics from National Economics University (Vietnam) in 2002. Vu Thi Thao was awarded a fellowship from the Ford Foundation for pursuing her master’s degree in Geography and Geoinformatics at University of Copenhagen. In 2007, she received an employment contract from University of Copenhagen for doing her PhD degree.
Dr. Vu has been working in the areas of women’s migration, gender, families, population policies, and development in Vietnam for more than 6 years. Her work has been published in Population, Space and Place, and in Asian Population Studies. Dr. Vu will stay at NIAS until 30 April 2012.

Here are a few titles of recently published articles:
"Making a Living in Rural Vietnam from (Im)mobile Livelihoods: a Case of Women's Migration"
"‘DOING FAMILY’ - Female migrants and family transition in rural Vietnam"
"Mobile, flexible, and adaptable: female migrants in Hanoi's informal sector"

Book donation from Korean National Library has arrived!

The NIAS Library has been further recognized in East Asia as an important gateway to the Nordic Asian studies community. The Korean National Library has provided us with 1700 books, which will bring our collections on Korea up to date in the fields of social science and the humanities. Together with the yearly donations from the Korea Foundation, we are now very well equipped to serve our Nordic readership in Korean studies.

New publication

Guest researcher at NIAS Thao Thi Vu has just had her paper Making a Living in Rural Vietnam from
(Im)mobile Livelihoods: a Case of Women’s Migration 
published in the journal Population, Space and Place. 

PhD course: Doing Gender Studies in Global Contexts: 24-26 October Nordic Centre, Fudan University, Shanghai

Wednesday, October 24, 2012 to Friday, October 26, 2012

This PhD course introduces and discusses theory and knowledge production in gender studies from interdisciplinary social sciences and humanities perspectives using the Nordic countries and/or China as examples and concrete cases.

The course will focus on the very practical level of actually doing gender studies in terms of issues such as:
• the use and development of gender theories
• the relationship between the political promotion of gender equality and academic research
• developing epistemologies and methodologies
• how the inclusion of a gender dimension makes a difference in the academic production of knowledge