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News from NIAS

Current SUPRA students at NIAS

Laura Mursu, University of Helsinki
Topic: Manchus in Manchukuo – kings or underlings?

Sajal Roy, University of Bergen
Topic: Women’s perceptions about the Mangrove Forest "Sundarbans" and their patterns of use of forest resources’

Shawn Bender visiting researcher at NIAS

Shawn Bender is Associate Professor at Department of East Asian Studies, Dickinson College. He is in Copenhagen to do his research which is an ethnographic study of the use of Japanese robotics technologies for therapy in Danish nursing homes. This builds on work that was carried out in Japan and in Denmark last year.

Shawn is staying at NIAS from 3- 19 June

Current SUPRA students at NIAS

Irina Ganina, University of Turku
Topic: “Cool Japan” policy

Tian Yuan, University of Oslo
Topic: Teaching Chinese in upper secondary schools: A comparison between schools in Bergen and Oslo, Norway

How to win elections in Indonesia? Exhibition in NIAS Library

Thursday, May 30, 2013 to Saturday, August 31, 2013

On 30th June a new photo exhibition on "How to Win Elections in Indonesia? Insights from the Campaign for Jakarta Governor 2012" by Ph D Candidate Vera Altmeyer from NIAS is opening at the Faculty Library of Social Sciences in Copenhagen. The election shows a collection of photos from the campaigns of the opposing candidates in the election together with campaign videos and accompagnied by shorter background texts.

Vera Altmeyer is associated Ph D candidate at NIAS and is writing her Ph D thesis on the election campaigns. Her research aims to investigate how recent institutional changes regarding local elections and various (new) actors in campaigning influence the power relations between groups of actors in the national and local political sphere.

The exhibition will be officially launched at 16:30 with a presentation by Vera Altmeyer and will be on for three months.

Most of the exhibition will also be available later online at the In Focus blog on the AsiaPortal.

Invitation and more information

New publication by NIAS researcher

Affiliated researcher Stig Toft Madsen has published the article "Legal monism and white violence in South Asia" in The Journal of Legal Pluralism and Unofficial Law, 45:1, 24-41

New publication by NIAS researchers

Stewart Watters and Aki Tonami have written "Japan og Singapore i Arktis: Overvejelser for Grønland", TIDSSKRIFTET GRØNLAND, 1/2013, pp.2-17.

There is a growing awareness in the Nordic region of Asia’s increased interest in the Arctic region and Arctic affairs, including in relation to Greenland. However, with the possible exception of China, there has been little Western scholarly work to analyze exactly why Asian countries are interested in the Arctic. Looking at the Arctic engagement of Japan and Singapore, this paper finds that their interest in the Polar Regions is not necessarily a new phenomenon and that Arctic policy, as with the development of other foreign policy objectives, is a complex mix of national, bureaucratic and group interests. For Greenlandic and Danish policymakers, it may be useful to understand the genesis of Japan and Singapore’s Arctic policies and that their interest is complex and multi-faceted.

To read more, please follow the link

Review: Arctic Governance and Japan’s Foreign Strategy

NIAS Researcher Aki Tonami has written a blog  article for the Arctic Institute, Review: Arctic Governance and Japan’s Foreign Strategy.

To read the full blog, please follow the link

Current SUPRA students at NIAS

Tobias Fast, Lund University
Topic: Decentralization – a panacea for equitable inclusion?

Samuel Costa, Lund University
Topic: Go West Young Man: the role of Infrastructure Investments
in China

New associated PhD at NIAS

Sanna Schliewe is a new associated PhD student at NIAS from 1 May.

Sanna is a PhD student from the new Niels Bohr Professorship Centre for Cultural Psychology at Aalborg University, where my project is linked to the core ”Globalization and Intervention”. The aim of my PhD project is to provide new psychological insight about how humans manage to live meaningfully between societies – as temporary immigrants in unfamiliar environments far away from their place of origin. Focus is on Danish expatriates and their domestic workers in India. Based on extensive fieldwork, the project will explore how understandings of self and others is tranformed in everyday encounters. Drawing on a combination of cultural psychology and phenomenology, the project will generate new knowlegde and research tools for the psychology of migration. Moreover, the project aims at providing knowlegde to be used to prepare practitioners working globally with intervention under potentially complicated circumstances.

Sanna will be at NIAS until November 2013.