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News from NIAS

NIAS Researchers at Asia Insights Course in Greenland

NIAS researcher Aki Tonami and Director Geir Helgesen are going to Nuuk, Greenland 11-12 December to be part of a bigger team giving presentations at the Asia Insights course on how to cooperate with Asian partners. Vice Director of the Fudan- European Centre for China Studies based at NIAS, Liu Chunrong will also be joining them.

Read more about the course in the attachment (in Danish)

Special issue of Norwegian Journal of Geography on Gendered Mobilities in Asia

The mobilities group of the Gendering Asia Network has published a special issue of Norsk Geografisk Tidsskrift - Norwegian Journal of Geography (Volume 67,  Issue 4, 2013) on the theme of Gendered Mobilities in Asia. See

The Gendering Asia Network is supported by NordForsk.

Ford Foundation grant to NIAS scholars

Min Dongchao (NIAS), Cecilia Milwertz (NIAS) and Qi Wang (University of Southern Denmark) have received a US$ 25.000 grant from the Ford Foundation Beijing for the book Reversing the Travelling – transnational feminism from China to the world, which they are editing. The grant is one of ten grants issued on the occasion of the twentieth anniversary of the UN Women’s Conference being held in Beijing in 1995.

The analytical concept of ‘gender’ travelled to academia in the PRC in connection with the convening of the UN Fourth World Conference on Women in Beijing in 1995. Over the past twenty years gender studies academics in the PRC have developed sophisticated gender analysis to study social, cultural, economic and political issues with a feminist view to addressing and transforming unequal and unjust power relations. However, as many PRC academics publish solely in Chinese, much of this work is not available to a non-Chinese reading audience. This means that the gender studies knowledge that is being produced within the PRC is generally unknown outside of China.

The aim of this book is to reverse the travelling of transnational feminist knowledge by making recent, feminist, innovative and challenging PRC social science gender studies available to university students, teachers and researchers who do not read Chinese, but have an interest in gender issues and feminist studies in the PRC, or more broadly in the travelling and applications of feminist theory.  

Book review: Dialogue with North Korea? Preconditions for Talking Human Rights with a Hermit Kingdom

LSE has published a review written by Andrew McCracken of "Dialogue with North Korea? Preconditions for Talking Human Rights with a Hermit Kingdom" by Geir Helgesen (NIAS Director) and Hatla Thella, published by NIAS Press

Provocative and often persuasive, Dialogue with North Korea makes an intriguing case for the West adopting a conciliatory approach towards the world’s most repugnant regime. Approaching the dilemma of negotiating with Pyongyang from an unusual angle, the book is to be recommended to students of East Asia or readers seeking a different perspective on the seemingly interminable Korean crisis. Writes Andrew McCracken.

To read the full review, please click here

Current SUPRA students at NIAS

Ida Marie Lyså, PhD, NTNU
Topic: Cultural Formation in Chinese Kindergartens

Maria Sharapan, Jyväskylä University
Topic: Tibetan refugees in Nepal: Identity Negotiation

Current SUPRA students at NIAS

Liisa Kauppila, Turku University
Topic Future Ways of Learning Mathematics in Finland China and Shanghai

Mizanur Rahman, Bergen University
Topic: Accountability of Non-governmental organizations: A case of Bangladesh

NIAS is moving

NIAS is right now in the process of moving to new premises within the Faculty of Social Sciences at Copenhagen University. It is an internal move within the Social Sciences campus which will be performed in installments over the coming two weeks. There will be no change in our address, except that the visiting address will change from Building 33 to Building 18.
We are sorry for any inconveniences due to the move and we are doing all we can to minimize service interruptions.  

Current SUPRA students at NIAS

Ellen Wilmann Staff, University of Oslo
Topic: The purchase of the Senkaku/Diaoyu islands – arguments and perspectives of the Japanese government

Mariya Bikova, PhD, University of Bergen
Topic: Gender and the global production of welfare in a Norwegian context

SUPRA Nordic Scholarships for the spring semester

If you are working on a MA or PhD thesis during spring 2014 and need some inspiration, literature or simply just time to write on your thesis, then NIAS has something to offer: the Nordic Scholarship!

The Nordic Scholarship covers inexpensive travel to Copenhagen, two weeks board and accommodation plus a working place at NIAS! A perfect chance to concentrate on your thesis, have inspirational talks with our researchers or collect material in Northern Europe's most comprehensive Asian studies library.

More information about SUPRA students' experiences at NIAS and practical information as well as application form.

NB: SUPRA scholarships are primarily for students from NNC member institutions.

Deadline for application: 1 October 2013

For more information, please contact

Current SUPRA students at NIAS

Sabrina Lykkegaard Svidt, MA, Aarhus University
Topic: The economic transition in Vietnam: How foreign direct investments
affects economic development and poverty reduction

Andrea Koelbel, PhD, Oxford University
Topic: In-between Aspirations: Educated youth and social change in Nepal