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News from NIAS

New Chinese Ambassador to Denmark visits NIAS

On Friday 10 January the new Chinese Ambassador to Denmark Mr Liu Biwei together with Ms. Fu Wenyan, Head of the Political Section, and Mr. Hu Yi, First Secretary paid an introductory visit to NIAS.

We warmly welcome Mr Liu Biwei, and look forward to future cooperation.


Current SUPRA student at NIAS

Milla Hyvärinen, University of Helsinki
Topic: Ex-haliya experiences about the change in the clientelist relations in Far-Western Nepal

Asia in a Changing Arctic - new website from NIAS

Picture by Chunrong Liu

With support from the Nordic Council of Ministers NIAS has, over the last couple of years, engaged in a new research field combining Asia and the changing Arctic. Together with Nordic and Asian colleagues NIAS researchers have studied and published within this novel field, participated in conferences, seminars and workshops, joined relevant networks and organized courses. From 2014 these activities can be followed on our new website Asia in a Changing Arctic.

NIAS opening hours during the holidays

NIAS will be closed for Christmas and New Year 24 December 2013 - 1 January 2014.

We wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and look forward to seeing you next year!




The opening hours of the Copenhagen University Faculty of Social Sciences Library in Gothersgade 140, with NIAS Library collection on the 2nd floor, during the Christmas and New Year holidays, are as follows:

23. December: 8.00 – 17.00

24-25  December:  Closed

26 - 31 December: 8.00 – 17.00

1. January:  Closed

2. January: 8.00 – 22.00



New workplace student at NIAS

Ingrid Fihl Simonsen is a student of China Studies at Department of Cross-Cultural and Regional Studies. Her thesis focuses on Citizen and State in a Hangzhou Resident Community. Ingrid will be at NIAS for the next 6 months.

New workplace student at NIAS

Ask Greve has just started as workplace student at NIAS, he will be here for the next 6 months.

I am a student of sociology at the University of Copenhagen. I have been focusing on cultural sociology and science and technology studies, with special interest in studies of food and agriculture.

My master’s thesis is about the role of scientific knowledge in promoting biodiversity in the BR Hills/MM Hills region in Karnataka, through promoting sustainable cultivation of plants for medicinal use. I am mainly concerned with how scientific knowledge is utilised in changing local practices.

Women in Contemporary China: Facing the Challenges of Agency

The seminar Women in Contemporary China: Facing the Challenges of Agency organized by Tiina H. Airaksinen, the Department of World Cultures, University of Helsinki and funded by Joel Toivola Foundation was held at the University of Helsinki 4-5 December.
The seminar was held by the Women in Contemporary China project, which also includes the book More Than Half the Sky? The New Roles of Women in the Chinese Society which will be published in Finnish. The book analyses Chinese female agency and especially its change in the Chinese socio-political and cultural context. NIAS researchers Min Dongchao and Cecilia Milwertz were invited as keynote speakers to the seminar. For more information on the project contact project coordinator Erkki Viitasaari

GENDER DYNAMICS IN THE 21st CENTURY: Gender, Class, Culture in a Globalizing World

NIAS researchers Min Dongchao and Cecilia Milwertz attended the symposium GENDER DYNAMICS IN THE 21st CENTURY: Gender, Class, Culture in a Globalizing World at the Nordic Centre, Fudan University in Shanghai on the 23th of October 2013. The theme of the symposium reflected that gender studies are becoming more complex while aiming at including intersecting themes, such as ethnicities, class, age, sexuality. The symposium's ambition was to bring scholars from Denmark and China together to exchange knowledge and research interests on the intersecting fields of gender, class and culture studies. Five sessions with a total of 13 speakers were held during the one day symposium. And themes such as legal and social activism, welfare and environment, globalization, new ways of doing middle-class as well as family structures, gender roles and identities, were presented, compared and discussed from Eastern and Western perspectives. The symposium will be followed up by the establishment  of educational and faculty exchange programs between the University of Copenhagen, Peking University, and Fudan University. Moreover, a  research network will be set up  and a selection of papers from the symposium will be published in a coming volume of the gender research journal Kvinder, Køn & Forskning (Women, Gender & Research). The plan is to publish the volume in  2014 in English and possibly also in Chinese. The symposium was co-organized by Hilda Rømer Christensen for  the Co-ordination for Gender Research and the Center for Legal Culture, the University of Copenhagen.  The symposium was made possible through funding and support from the Nordic Centre, Fudan University, the Sino-Danish Center, Beijing and the Department of Sociology, the University of Copenhagen.

In Focus: Vietnam and Thailand

Two new articles on the In Focus blog:

Developing Vietnam with Whom: Restoration 2.0 for the Resurgence of Modern Vietnam

by Mia Ji Sørensen, MA Student in International Studies and Social Science, Aarhus University and Affiliated Workplace Student ant NIAS

"Wouldn’t you define Vietnam as a middle-income country?” I was asked this rhetorical question last week. Despite its emerging economy status, with a growth rate of approximately 7 per cent during the past two decades, it is still one of the poorest of the ‘Next 11 Countries,’ and even though Vietnam has been in vibrant development, it is now faced with stagnant economic growth. "

Read more


The dice that always land on Red

by Anya Palm, Freelance journalist focusing on Southeast Asia and NIAS Associate.

"About a week ago, Thailand’s capital Bangkok, saw the largest demonstrations since the political turmoil that gripped the country in 2010. Back then, supporters of Thailand’s exiled former Premier, Thaksin Shinawatra, took the streets. That didn’t end well – when the smoke cleared after the demonstrations, 92 people had lost their lives and over 1000 people were badly wounded. So in these past few weeks, fear of repetition of the black days in spring 2010 has had the city on needles. "

Read more

Current SUPRA students at NIAS

Hasan Muhammad Baniamin, Bergen University
Topic: Reducing Corruption through E-Governance: Rhetoric or Reality? An Empirical Inquiry

Chanjuan Geng, PhD, Leiden University
Topic: Chinese NGOs: State’s Control Mechanism and NGOs’ Autonomy Strategies