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News from NIAS

NIAS is moving

NIAS is right now in the process of moving to new premises within the Faculty of Social Sciences at Copenhagen University. It is an internal move within the Social Sciences campus which will be performed in installments over the coming two weeks. There will be no change in our address, except that the visiting address will change from Building 33 to Building 18.
We are sorry for any inconveniences due to the move and we are doing all we can to minimize service interruptions.  

Current SUPRA students at NIAS

Ellen Wilmann Staff, University of Oslo
Topic: The purchase of the Senkaku/Diaoyu islands – arguments and perspectives of the Japanese government

Mariya Bikova, PhD, University of Bergen
Topic: Gender and the global production of welfare in a Norwegian context

SUPRA Nordic Scholarships for the spring semester

If you are working on a MA or PhD thesis during spring 2014 and need some inspiration, literature or simply just time to write on your thesis, then NIAS has something to offer: the Nordic Scholarship!

The Nordic Scholarship covers inexpensive travel to Copenhagen, two weeks board and accommodation plus a working place at NIAS! A perfect chance to concentrate on your thesis, have inspirational talks with our researchers or collect material in Northern Europe's most comprehensive Asian studies library.

More information about SUPRA students' experiences at NIAS and practical information as well as application form.

NB: SUPRA scholarships are primarily for students from NNC member institutions.

Deadline for application: 1 October 2013

For more information, please contact

Current SUPRA students at NIAS

Sabrina Lykkegaard Svidt, MA, Aarhus University
Topic: The economic transition in Vietnam: How foreign direct investments
affects economic development and poverty reduction

Andrea Koelbel, PhD, Oxford University
Topic: In-between Aspirations: Educated youth and social change in Nepal

Current SUPRA student at NIAS

Chao Zhang University of Lund
Topic: Shape and Differentiate the Pollutant Release and Transfer Register (PRTR) in China – Based on the Experience of OECD Countries

Maja Østbye, University of Oslo
Topic: The Effect of Sanctions in the Case of Myanmar

New workplace student at NIAS

Rune Lindgård Andersen is a new workplace student at NIAS, he is stud.scient.adm in Public Administration. During his studies and several job positions he has developed his passion for development aid policy and international issues.

His master thesis is about the Nepalese anti-corruption agency the Commission for the Investigation of Abuse of Authority (CIAA). He examines the formal organisation of CIAA and analyse why the institution performs poorly in combating corruption effectively in the administrative and political system."

Prof. Min at Central Europe and East Asia conference

The 9th annual conference of the Lodz East Asia Meeting 'Central Europe and East Asia' has been held on 6-7 June 2013 at the University of Lodz in Poland.
The conference is an annual gathering of scholars from all over the world interested in Asian affairs, especially the political and economic aspects. Prof. Qi Wang (University of Southern Denmark) and Prof. Min Dongchao (NIAS, University of Copenhagen) participated in this conference and presented a paper on “Gender and Corruption – insights from China”. 
Here is a link to the Q&A session with the organizers of the conference and Prof. Wang and Min where issues related to their topic were discussed.

Current SUPRA student at NIAS

Hermann Aubie, University of Turku
Topic: Historical analysis of Liu Xiaobo’s political engagement from June 4th 1989 to Charter 08

Elizabeth Elendor Dimond, University of Oslo
Topic: Maritime delimitation and the Chinese Navy, impact in the East China Sea

New workplace student at NIAS

Mia Ji Sørensen is a new workplace student at NIAS, she is stud.cand.mag in International Studies and Social Science. Has experience from jobs in international institutions and the private sector. Mia has lived in several countries such as the Netherlands, Belgium and Vietnam, and is by origin from South Korea. She has a comprehensive interests in East- and Southeast Asia's culture, diversity, economy and increasing influence in international relations. Therefore, future career plans will hopefully materialise in that region of the world.
The title of Mia's thesis is "Asia's rising influence in the Global Economy - with emphasis on the Economic Development of Southeast Asia"

New Secretary at NIAS


Elisabeth Brink Bendiksen is the new secretary at NIAS. Elisabeth comes with a wide range of experience from her many years in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and has also lived and worked in Italy for several years.
Elisabeth started this Monday, and we are happy to have her at NIAS.