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News from NIAS

Current SUPRA students at NIAS

Monday, February 16, 2015

Siri Bjaaland, MA, University of Oslo

Topic: Nationalistic Islamism - the communication strategy of Lashkar-e Taiba.

Zhenyan Xi, PhD, University of Turku

Topic: “A Comparative Study of Soft Power between Two Political Actors: EU and China.”

New Workplace Students at NIAS

Sara Ellegaard Nielsen and Camilla Jane Standhart  are students at the Department of Anthropology, UCPH, they have just started as workplace students at NIAS, and will be with us for the next 6 months while writing their thesis.

"In our anthropological study we analyze how young people in Myanmar engage in activism. By looking into their practices we explore the possibilities and limitations for their actions. We examine their motivations of involvement and imaginings of the future in order to understand how they want to change the society they live in."

We are happy to welcome Sara and Camilla to NIAS.

Databases on trialstudents and researchers on Japan

Japan Times Archives

The Japan Times is an English-language newspaper published by The Japan Times Ltd in Japan since 1897. Content includes

  1. News: domestic and world news; domestic and overseas business news.
  2. Opinions.
  3. Features: life and style, community, media, technology, food and drink, travel, environment, education, cartoons.
  4. Entertainment.
  5. Sports.

The trial to Japan Times archives ends on 5 March 2015.


Gunsho Ruijū (群書類従)
The Gunsho Ruiji series is a major collection of manuscripts from ancient through to the end of the early modern periods compiled under categories covering history, literature, religion, language, customs, art, music, cultivated arts, education, morality, legal codes, politics, economy, society and many other subjects.
The collection is a new addition to Japan Knowledge's Book collections and accessible for users from NNC institutions via the Japan Knowledge database package on the Asiaportal's collection of e-resources. 
A guide to how to access Gunsho Ruiju.

New Student Assistant at NIAS

NIAS has hired a new student assistent, Amanda Lybke Rasmussen - 23, to help assist with the daily activities of NIAS SUPRA and NIAS Linc. Amanda is currently studying Japanese on her 3rd year at CPHU and has recently returned home from a 6-month study abroad program at Chuo University in Tokyo. Amanda is currently preparing for her bachelor thesis on the historical shifting of the sociological functions of the educational system in Japan. 

Current SUPRA students at NIAS

Ida Løberg, MA, University of Bergen
Topic: The discursive dimensions of the Melamchi Water Supply Project

Tim Linka, MA, University of Tampere
Topic: Spoiling under the Influence: The Drug Business as a serious Threat to Peace in Burma/Myanmar?

FUDAN'S New Student Assistant

The Fudan Centre at NIAS has hired a new student assistent, Viktor Münter - 21, to help assist with the daily activities of Liu Chunrong and NIAS's other genereal administrative acitvities. Viktor is currently studying Chinese on his 2nd year at CPHU and has recently returned home from a 6-month study abroad program at Beida in Beijing, China. 

Besides pursuing his bachelor in Chinese, Viktor is also interested in Chinese History and South-East Asian history as a whole and plans on handling subjects such as these in the future. 

Ida Nicolaisen, Senior researcher at NIAS, on fieldwork

Ida Nicolaisen conducted fieldwork in  among Punan youth in Sarawak between the 1st and the 16th of January. The study was part of her current research project: : Visible and Invisible Realities – Nature, Sexuality and Changing Identities in Central Borneo, which has been funded by the Velux Foundation.

Current SUPRA students at NIAS

Gunnhild Laxaa, MA, University of Bergen
Topic: The feminization of agriculture in Nepal

Shuchen Wang, PhD, University of Jyväskylä
Topic: Gender, Politics, Market: Power Structure of Chinese Contemporary Art - a glimpse through reading Ai Weiwei

New book by NIAS senior researcher Cecilia Milwertz

Wang Fengxian and Mi Xiaolin (Cecilia Milwertz) (2014)
Minjian yiyuan hurong zhi shu – xin siwei zhong de minjian zuzhi lilun yu fangfa. 
A Tree of Intra-active Intentions – Theories and Methods of Popular Organizing in New Frameworks of Thought.
China Social Sciences Press, Beijing.

Drawing on physicist Karen Barad’s theory of agential realism the authors analyze a case of the emergence and functioning of a popular (non-governmental) organization in the People’s Republic of China. Using the tree as a metaphor for the inseparability of the involved actors, they develop a theoretical framework for understanding organizing from below as a process of intra-action between activists, domestic party-state and international development aid entities.   

The first SUPRA students of 2015

Hanne Cecilie Geirbo
Ph.D. student at Oslo University, Research group Global Infrastructures, Department of informatics
“Crafting connections – an ethnography of building a mobile enabled electricity grid in a Bangladeshi village”
Oda Opdal Zachrisen. 
MA student at Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Department of Sociology and Political Science
“Economic relations with Beijing – worth improving?”