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Welcome to the two new SUPRA Students at NIAS

Anna Salmivaara from the University of Helsinki is working on her  PhD:

My research analyses how the changes in the nature of work and in labour rights regulation – associated with neoliberal globalization - affect workers’ possibilities of resistance in the Global South. Through a case study that focuses on Cambodian women working in the garment industry, I analyse labour movement’s strategies, the role of trade unions and the relevance of private regulation – particularly corporate social responsibility – in these strategies.







Malgorzata Sidz from the University of Turku is working on her MA:

I am working on my MA thesis on the reproduction of mothering in South Korea and Japan. I am analyzing the theories of mothering and especially focusing on the Nancy Chodorow's psychoanalytical theory of generational reproduction. I am conducting semi-structured interviews with mothers - I have done the part of my research in Seoul and this autumn I will do the second part in Tokyo.