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Welcome to our two new SUPRA Students!

Gary Pence, MA, University of Turku

A History to Open the Future: Obstacles and Possibilities of Joint History Projects in Northeast Asia
This research focuses on the history book "A History to Open the Future", written by history scholars and teachers from China, Japan and South Korea and published in 2005. The book is the first history book jointly created by the three countries in Northeast Asia and seeks to overcome the history problems that continue to hinder relations in the region. For this research I interviewed the authors of the book and history teachers in Japan and South Korea to learn more about the obstacles and possibilities such a joint history book faces in its creation and use in the region. 
Awais Arifeen, PhD, Norwegian University of Life Sciences 
Post Disaster Sanitation, People’s Vulnerability and Humanitarian Assistance
In my PhD research work, I am studying the role of social and health vulnerability in defining the underlying risks and intensity of impacts of the disasters in Baltistan region of northern Pakistan. Baltistan is a highly mountainous remote area that frequently experiences landslides, debris flow, avalanches, flash flooding and glacial lake outburst flooding. Therefore, I am also studying how various government and non-government organisations respond to disasters in the region and what role are they playing in addressing social and health vulnerability to prevent recurring disasters.