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Welcome to our two new SUPRA Students!

Mette Gabler, PhD, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin

Creating Slogans for Social Change. An Inquiry into Advertising, Gendered Imagery and the Politics of Change in Urban India

The PhD project focusses on the ideas and understanding of change through the perspectives of individuals engaging in the production of advertising with social or commercial objectives. Thereby, this project is based on the conviction of media's influential power and is set among debates concerning the dynamics between media and social change while contributing with the rarely discussed perspectives of producers and considering change beyond identifications and descriptions.

Konrad Moss, MA, University of Oslo

Maintaining cultural identity in Pondicherry 

Konrad is currently working on his MA thesis which is based on field work in the South Indian city, Pondicherry. His focus lies on personal identity and definition of group identity within "Franco-Pondicherrien" and "Tamil-Pondicherrien" communities.