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Welcome to our two new SUPRA Students!

Noémi Zsófia Gombás, MA Student, University of Turku

Constructing the Female Desire: Leading Narratives and the „Fangirl Gaze” in Arashi Fanfiction
Noémi is currently working on her master thesis assessing the parasocial relationships between Japanese idol groups and their fans. Her current research interests include transcultural consumption, production of masculinity, and affective economics.
Nicolai Asbo Ahrenkiel, MA Student, Aarhus University
Food risk and Policy - Coping with Fukushima and food safety in post-3/11 Japan
The most pressing threat concerning food risks and safety in Japan today is the meltdown of Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant and the following radiation leakage into the environment, which contaminated a considerable part of one of Japan’s prime areas of agricultural production in the Tohoku region. Thus, food safety has become a major concern for many in Japan. My thesis seeks to examine how the government’s management of food risks concerning the radiation contamination of Tohoku produce has changed and/or developed in post-Fukushima Japan. Thus providing a further understanding of the interplay between consumers and the Japanese government in the food safety arena and the multiples of food risks in contemporary Japan.