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We Welcome Two New SUPRA Students at NIAS!

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Olga Medvedeva, University of Bergen, is working on her PhD;

'Internationalisation of China in transnational perspective: prosopographical study on Norwegian employees of China’s Customs Service, 1890-1927.’

The ambition of my study is to show how the life stories of 279 representatives of a small nation like Norway can broaden the view on the customs history and reveal the complexity of the foreign presence in China during the late 19th – early 20th centuries.



Gaoming Zheng is a doctoral candidate at the Higher Education Group (HEG), School of Management, University of Tampere, Finland.

Currently she is working on her doctoral research on quality assurance of doctoral education collaboration between Europe and China. She is also involved in ‘EU-China Doctoral Education Project’, funded by European Union, and ‘Quality assurance of Finnish-Chinese Educational Collaboration Project’, funded by the CIMO (The Centre for International Mobility of Finland).