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We welcome two new SUPRA Students at NIAS!

Tais Yoochadchawan is an MA student at University of Turku, and is working on her thesis with the working title:

Yu Jianrong’s and Xu Zhiyong’s fight against injustice in China: achieving the same goal by taking different paths (殊途同归)

The study is devoted to two public figures, who have chosen the path of activism in a non-democratic state. The research will explore why these individuals decided to be involved in the civic activities and risk their positions; what are their activities’ goals and methods; what are their opinions on issues, such as Chinese political system, Chinese Communist party, human rights.  Moreover, the study will analyse how the Chinese society and the state authorities respond to their civic actions. 

Aslak Celcius is a MA student at University of Oslo, and is working on his thesis with the working title: 

Fighting Windmills? – Green energy presence in Chinese energy security literature.

In my master thesis project, I review newer Chinese energy security literature to find out how it approaches the question of green energy development.

Traditionally, energy security thinking in China has been centered around self-sufficiency. As that is no longer an option, and China is becoming increasingly reliant on imported energy sources, Chinese energy security theory is changing. The question I try to answer is if these new approaches leaves room for environmental considerations.

How will China address what are arguably the two greatest challenges in Chinese energy policy; ensuring energy security with an increasing energy demand, and moving Chinese energy generation off coal, and decrease independence on fossil fuels,  and towards a more environmentally sustainable energy generation. Will these two goals be viewed as mutually exclusive in a zero-sum game, or will the energy security camp and the green energy camp see each other as mutually beneficial?