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We welcome two new SUPRA Students at NIAS!

Currently a PhD candidate at the Institute for Comparative Politics in Bergen, Kristin Dalen is also working as a permanent researcher at the Fafo Research Foundation in Oslo. Her PhD project has the working title “Perceptions of distributive justice: how are perceptions of fairness linked to developments of a Chinese welfare state”. The project is based on three national surveys of perceptions on fairness and distribution in China and will allow for analysis of changes attitudes over the last ten years (2004-2014).



Sofia Forsén is doing a MA at Lund University

Project Description: Northeast Asia has in recent decades moved towards greater cooperation within the economical realm creating an economic interdependence amongst many countries in the region. Historical issues, territorial disputes, lack of trust and domestic popular antipathy on the other hand keeps the countries from fully taking the strategic steps of improved relations also in the political and security area. South Korean President Park Geun Hye came to label this paradox of increased economic interdependence but lingering political and security hostility as “Asia’s Paradox” (Park 2013). My research will focus on the Asia Paradox with particular focus on South Korea’s regional peace and security initiatives of Trustpolitik, NAPCI, and the TCS, approaches heavily influenced by European trust building processes. The aim of the thesis will be to examine South Korea’s role in these trust-oriented initiatives and tries to examine and evaluate factors influencing South Korean political policies towards regional security cooperation.