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We welcome two new SUPRA Students at NIAS!

Afroja Khanam is a doctoral student at the Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Lapland and assistant professor of political science at the Jagannath University, Dhaka, Bangladesh. Currently, she is also a Finnish Cultural Foundation Research Fellow at the University of Lapland. At present Afroja is working on her PhD titled, “Climate Change and Development Induced Migration and Displacement in Bangladesh: An Analysis of Dynamics of Power and Agency”.
Katriina Löytty is a master’s student from the University of Tampere, Finland. She is working on her thesis in the topic of distributed knowledge work - case global software development. The thesis examines the different factors that are involved in shaping the collaboration and productivity of teams that work together across geographical, socio-cultural and temporal distances. She conducted fieldwork in India during the spring 2015 as part of the study.