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We welcome two new SUPRA Students!

Lene Jensen, MA Student, University of Aarhus

Why Japan isn't happier - an analysis of the salaryman and his lack of happiness

Japan as a country doesn’t do well on the OECD Happiness report. Studies show that the women of Japan are relatively happy but their counterparts are not. My paper seeks to explain that the salaryman’s lack of happiness is not necessarily work-based. The pressure of being the perfect husband is taking its toll on them.


Cecilie Figenschou Bakke, Director of the China Programme at the NCHR Faculty of Law, University of Oslo, and currently developing a Dr. Philos project at the UiO.

Dialogue, diplomacy and transnational politics of human rights

Since the early 1990’s China has worked strategically to improve its international standing related to human rights and has ratified human rights conventions, opened up for bilateral dialogues and allowed a large number of international actors to conduct human rights cooperation projects inside the country. Still, human rights violations in China are widespread and raise serious concern internationally. This study aims to enhance our understanding of how international norms and the work of transnational networks have contributed to change inside China; of discourse, priorities, policies and legal development. It will contribute to compliance theory and constructivist models of norm socialisation. Findings will have implications for the larger question of what are the most effective tools to get authoritarian states such as China to comply with international human rights norms.