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The Swedish Research Institute in Istanbul celebrates its 50th Anniversary

The Swedish Research Institute in Istanbul was founded in 1962 by the Swedish Ministry of Education and will celebrate its 50th anniversary in 2012 with a workshop and a seminar 31 May - 1 June. NIAS Director Geir Helgesen will participate in the celebrations and hold a lecture at the seminar.

About SRII
The Swedish Research Institute in Istanbul – SRII – is an institute for multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary research in a Turkish and Eurasian perspective. The aim of SRII is to promote academic research on Turkey, the Middle East and Central Asia, particularly in the Humanities and Social Sciences. Fields of study represented at the Institute are first and foremost Turkic and West Asian Languages and Literatures, Archaeology, Classical and Byzantine Studies, Art and Architectural History, General History, with the emphasis on Ottoman and modern Turkish history, Religion, Anthropology, Sociology, Educational Studies, and Political Science, including International Relations. 

In January 2012 Professor Birgit N. Schlyter, previously Head of the Department of Central Asian Studies at Stockholm University, assumed the position of Director or SRII.
More information about SRII here.
​Gunnar Jarring Central Asia Book Collection 
A collection of Central Asia publications originating from the private library of  the diplomat and Turkologist Gunnar Jarring (1907–2002) has been donated to SRII/Istanbul. The collection consists of almost 5000 volumes, a number of manuscripts, catalogues and maps as well as more than 3000 offprints. All of the most renowned accounts of expeditions to Central Asia from the late 19th and early 20th centuries can be found here, along with a great number of less known accounts, some of which are very rare and accessible at just a few or perhaps even no other libraries in the world. After transportation to Istanbul in the spring of 2012, it will be set up as a special section of the SRII Library.
More information on the library and the Gunnar Jarring collection here.
Scholarships and guest researcher facilities
SRII provides scholarships for Nordic researchers or students focusing on Turkey and regions related historically, linguistically or culturally to Turkey and the former Ottoman Empire, including Central Asia and parts of South Asia. Advanced graduate students (Master or C/D-level) can apply for one month scholarships and doctoral students or Post-Docs can apply for three months scholarships at the institute. 
More information incl. deadlines here.

The institute also has a guest house and conference rooms which can be used by researchers from the Nordic countries.
More information and prices here