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Seminar at the Danish Parliament: Building a Highway to Indonesia

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Invitation for seminar: "Building a Highway to Indonesia: The Promising Role of Trade Investment and Higher Education Cooperation".

The Embassy of Indonesia with the Auspices of the Danish Parliament, The Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Nordic Institute of Asian Studies invites to a whole day seminar with prominent speakers from Indonesia and Denmark, including the Speakers of the Indonesian and Danish Parliaments, the Danish Minister for Trade and Investment and directors for the Indonesian Ministeries of Trade and Education and Culture. 

The rapid economic growth in the Eastern hemsphere has shifted the world economic drive towards Asian countirse. Many Western countries, including Denmark, are currently establishing a stronghold in  various emerging markets of the world including Indonesia.

This seminar attempts to discuss and strengthen higher education cooperation and trade and investment activities as a "highway" towards a new phase of the Danish-Indonesian partnership.

Venue: the Danish Parliament