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News from NIAS

Current SUPRA students at NIAS

Zhang Jiahua, PhD, University of Bergen and Nanjing University
Topic: Social Policy Development in the Nordic Welfare States and Its Implications for Chinese Social Construction

Suvi Paavola, MA, University of Helsinki
Topic: The revision debate of the article 9 of the Japanese constitution

Call for Sino-Nordic Networks with higher education, research and innovation

The Nordic Council of Ministers invites Nordic university networks to apply for funding to establish networks between Nordic universities and universities and other partners in the wider Shanghai area.

China has become an increasingly important partner for Nordic universities, innovation actors and companies. For this reason the Nordic Council of Ministers now wishes to contribute to the future development of the Nordic Center at the Fudan University in Shanghai as an “hub” for SINO-Nordic collaboration within the whole “knowledge triangle”.

NIAS director Geir Helgesen to give IIAS Annual lecture

A user's manual to North Korea: Matters and issues that shape relations between them and us

IIAS Annual Lecture 2012, 19 September by Dr. Geir Helgesen (Director, Nordic Institute of Asian Studies)
Regardless of the general lack of solid information about North Korea, few countries with such a relatively insignificant international importance appear more often in the media. This summer a new leader has electrified media outlets by being seen with a young lady by his side. Although this is positive compared with former causes for international media attention, such as the testing of nuclear devices and other military activities, or natural disasters and consequent human suffering, our picture of North Korea is less than adequate. This notwithstanding, there are good reasons for paying attention to the media coverage, as it is this – and not much else – that forms our ideas and impressions of the country. By being relatively inaccessible and representing some kind of international abnormality, the media creates a framework within which North Korea can be dealt with, and this framework affects the main public, as well as scholars in the field. Characterized as the last communist dictatorship in a world increasingly liberated by the expansion of free market economies and liberal democracy, North Korea appears basically to be a remnant from a recent past. With the ever dominant picture of a Stalinist-like dictator as the front figure of a system inhumane in its core functions, the nuances tend to not only disappear, but even to be unwanted. The lecture will challenge this framework and offer a different approach to the country, and thus hint to what could be a user’s manual to North Korea.
IIAS (International Institute for Asian Studies) annual lectures are organised to bring together all those interested in Asia, including academics, students, politicians, business representatives and journalists. IIAS is based in Leiden, the Netherlands.
Registration is free of charge. Please register here:

NIAS Director Geir Helgesen in Orientering

Kinas anstrengelser i Nordkorea bærer frugt

30 års kinesiske anstrengelser for at vise Nordkorea fortræffelighederne ved økonomisk udvikling ser ud til omsider at have båret frugt. Det kan måske bidrage til, at Kinas forstokkede og atombevæbnede nabo bliver mere tilregnelig.
Tredje generation af Nordkoreas lukkede ledelse, den unge Kim Jung-un, har gennem sin onkel aftalt med Kina i grænseområdet mellem de to lande at oprette tre udviklingszoner, med blandt andet tekstilindustri, IT og turisme.
Orientering spurgte Geir Helgesen, leder ved Institut for Asienstudier, om hvorfor det først sker nu.

Cecilia Milwertz at "Gender Dynamics in the 21st Century"

Cecilia Milwertz will give a keynote speech ’Feminist China Studies – personal reflections on research collaboration between scholars from China and Denmark’ at the workshop Gender Dynamics in the 21st Century held at Peking University 30-31 August.

The aim of the workshop is to bring together scholars from Copenhagen University with scholars from Peking University and other universities in China in order to investigate possibilities for developing collaborative research projects.

The workshop is funded by the Welfare and Social Science theme of the Sino-Danish University Centre in Beijing

The workshop is convened in collaboration between the Co-ordination for Gender Studies, University of Copenhagen, the Department of Sociology, Peking University, the Women’s Studies center, Peking University, the Department of Sociology, University of Copenhagen, the Center for Studies in Legal Culture, Copenhagen University and NIAS.

Current SUPRA students at NIAS

Erja-Liisa Lappalainen, MA, Center for East Asian Studies, University of Turku
Topic: “Soft” censorship in China’s social media platforms from the users’ perspective

Henrik Hvenegaard Mikkelsen, PhD, Aarhus Universitet
Topic: Headhunters in the Philippines

New guest researcher at NIAS

NIAS associate Bu Wei, Professor at the Institute of Journalism and Communication at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, will be visiting NIAS from 9-24 August 2012.

The purpose of the visit is to continue long-term research collaboration with senior researcher Cecilia Milwertz as well as to attend the Gendering Asia Network Workshop 20-24 August at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology in Trondheim, Norway and a workshop convened by Dr Marina Svensson on Migrants and Media in Asia at Lund University, Sweden, 3-6 September. Professor Bu will also give a lecture at the International Summer School ‘Gender Dynamics in the 21st Century’ held by the Gender Studies Coordination at Copenhagen University.

NIAS will be moving

NIAS will be moving from our current address to the Social Science Campus, Centre for Health and Society within the next couple of month. The exact date is yet to be decided.
The new location will be at the University of Copenhagen, City Campus, Øster Farimagsgade 5, DK - 1353, Copenhagen.

Until the move is complete, please continue using our current address:

Nordic Institute of Asian Studies
Leifsgade 33, 3
DK-2300 Copenhagen S

New workplace student at NIAS

NIAS had the pleasure of welcoming a new workplace student.

Malte Möller-Christensen is studying for a degree in History at the Faculty of Humnanities at University of Copenhagen. Malte's thesis focuses on EU-policy in Uzbekistan.

Chanjittra Chanorn New Associated PhD Student at NIAS

Chanjittra Chanorn (Baitong) comes from Chiang Mai University in Thailand. Her research areas are: Cultural-economic anthropology, Socio-economic development, Ethnicity, Cultural rights, Cultural commodity and Globalization, with a regional focus on Southeast Asia

Baitong's current project is:
The Social Life of Indigo The role of cultural commodities to sustain local cultures in Northeastern Thailand. This study mainly emphasizes indigo culture in the Northeast of Thailand at a local level and what challenges arise in the indigo culture as a result of globalization. Indigo culture had vanished for several decades; however it has been again reintroduced, commoditized, globalized and is being sold in national and global markets. Consequently it has been transformed and it also effects to transformation of its originated communities. The main question is focused on whether the particular local culture can maintain its identity or if it will be homogenized to a global culture.

Baitong will be at NIAS for a year, working on her PhD project.