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News from NIAS

The last SUPRA students of 2014

Qiyan Tang, MA, 
Department of Culture Studies and Oriental Languages, University of Oslo.
The establishment of online trust on tour-pals in China
Heli Jämsä, MA, 
Centre for East Asian Studies, Faculty of Social Sciences, Turku University, 
Speaking on behalf of Japan – discourse analysis of Japan’s apology statements 1995-2013

Vacancy: Academic Officer to ADI

ToRs AC-medarbejder ADI
AC-medarbejder til Københavns Universitets ”Asian Dynamics Initiative”

Ved Københavns Universitets tværfakultære Asien-satsning – Asian Dynamics Initiative (ADI) – er en etårig stilling med mulighed for forlængelse som AC-medarbejder (37 timer) ledig til besættelse pr. 15. januar 2015 eller snarest derefter. Medarbejderen skal sammen med relevante personer fra det faglige miljø og ADI-sekretariatet sørge for implementering, konsolidering og videreudvikling af Københavns Universitets Kina-handlingsplan samt forefaldende opgaver i ADI-sekretariatet efter aftale.

Gilda Senties Portilla new affiliated PhD student at NIAS

Gilda is doing her PhD in Anthropology at the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies, in Geneva, Switzerland, where she is also engaged as a Teaching Assistant for a Master course in Asian Studies. Gilda is currently in the writing phases of her dissertation on the topic of agrarian change, livelihoods and aspirations in Lao PDR, amidst a current wave of land concessions for commercial agriculture.

Gilda has been at NIAS since October, you can find her contact info on our staff page.

Current SUPRA students at NIAS

Hanyan Ye, MA, Lund University
Topic: Changing meanings of cherry blossom in Japanese history: looking into social and culture symbolism
Madelene Trang, MA, Lund University
Topic: Perspectives of feminism in China

NIAS researcher Stig Toft Madsen publishes new article

Madsen, Stig Toft: “Post Festum: The Bifurcation of the Karnataka State Farmers’ Association in the Wake of the Inter-Continental Caravan”, pp. 201-23 in N. Jayaram (ed.) Ideas, Institutions, Processes: Essays in Memory of Satish Saberwal, New Delhi: Orient BlackSwan, New Nordic Publication:

The book contains articles by scholars from a very wide variety of fields reflecting the interests of Satish Saberwal.2014. 

Current SUPRA students at NIAS

Caroline Bennett, PhD, University of Kent
Topic: Living amongst the dead: embodied and contested sites of mass graves in contemporary Cambodia
Eva Coratella, MA, University of Turku
Topic: From the Great Famine to the food waste problem: the role of memory

Current SUPRA students at NIAS

Monday, October 27, 2014 to Sunday, November 9, 2014
Virpi Kamppuri, MA, University of Turku
Topic: Charity in China
Manon Carle, MA, Lund University 
Topic: Refining ‘Southern’ development cooperation: Looking at national-level NGOs’ engagement in Thai and Malaysian bilateral assistance

Virpi and Manon


New guest researcher at NIAS

Emilie Edelblutte is  a PhD scholar from the University of Lyon 2, she will be at NIAS till the end of the year.

Emilie writes
"My main research interest lies in questions of urban and political ecology in the megacity of Mumbai (India). At the nature/culture interface; I first studied the relations of powers within an urban National Park in Mumbai; focusing on the tribal populations and recounting the loss of their territorial rights, customs and resources. Later I studied the flood mitigation policies of Mumbai and risk perception through a geo-ethnographical and social approach.

Through the study of human/wildlife conflicts in the Metropolitan Region of Mumbai, my PhD currently investigates the complexity of environmental conflicts within an area where the confrontation between different ideologies of nature meets socioeconomic disparities characteristic of Asian megacities. To do so, I have a multi disciplinary approach, using conservation biology, ecology, animal geography as well as environmental justice. I am also using two complementary methods of (i) participatory mapping and (ii) monitoring of leopard with GPS collars; in order to compare the spatial strategies of wildlife and a large range of stakeholders. By spatializing and revealing the complex tensions that lie behind the simplistic dichotomy between nature and culture, these cartographic methods question the definition of zoning policies and integrated management of environment and human settlements."


New workplace student at NIAS

Line Sommer Søndergaard, student at the Department of Political Science, has just started as a workplace student at NIAS. Line will be with us for the next 6 months while writing her thesis.

Line’s thesis focuses on the cooperation between Denmark and China within the field of energy, climate and environment. The background of the thesis is the need in China for sustainable energy solutions and the long history of good bilateral relations between Denmark and China. The thesis is especially interested in the role of the Danish Ministry of Climate, Energy and Building as well as the Danish Ministry of Environment in a changing diplomatic landscape.


Current SUPRA students at NIAS

Monday, October 13, 2014 to Sunday, October 26, 2014

Natalia Mikhaylova, MA, Saint Petersburg State University
Topic: Formation of Political Discourse in Tibetan Newspaper Yul phyogs so so’I gsar ‘gyur me long (1949-1963)

Jinat Hossain, MA, University of Bergen
Topic: Consequences of using cosmetic surgeries for beautification: A case study of women cosmetic consumers in Dhaka city.

Natalia and Jinat