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News from NIAS

NIAS' project coordinator on maternity leave

NIAS' project coordinator and centre administrator, Katrine Herold, will be going on maternity leave from 6. march 2015 until march 2016. Natalie Wheeler will take up the position from 7. April and until Katrine returns.
In the interim period please use the

The last couple of years Natalie has worked as programme manager at the Nordic Centre Fudan in Shanghai.
Natalie has previously been a workplace student and student assistant at NIAS and we look forward to welcoming her back.

Xenia Kjær Skarbye new Research Assistant at NIAS

Xenia Kjær Skarbye is a Danish postgraduate student at Aalborg University in Copenhagen, where she is currently studying towards a degree in Global Refugee Studies. Before her studies in Denmark, Xenia obtained a MSc and BSc at Oxford Brookes University in International Relations, combined with International Management and Economics, respectively. Having lived in Beijing during high school and having a strong interest in China, Xenia is at NIAS to assist Cecilia Milwertz in her research.

Asia brown bag lecture: Jong Kun Choi

Wednesday, March 25, 2015 - 12:00 to 13:00

ADI and NIAS invite you to a brown bag lecture by Jong Kun Choi, Associate Professor & Director Of Graduate Studies at the Dept. of Political Science and International Studies, Yonsei University.

North Korea, an Impossible State?
Why and how Sunshine Policy to North Korea deserves another chance after 7 years.

How should we deal with North Korea infamous for nuclear development, ballistic missile tests, kidnapping, military provocations and human rights violations? How do you denuclearize North Korea so paranoid of its security? How do we encourage North Korea to come out of isolation and end confrontation in the Korean peninsula?  Many argue that North Korea is an impossible state that cannot be trusted; it constantly deceives and defies the international community. Therefore, unless North Korea seriously changes its delinquent behaviors, the international community continues to pressure and sanction Pyongyang.

Current SUPRA students at NIAS

Monday, March 2, 2015

Emma Björner, Phd, Stockholm University

Topic: Imagineering cities: Place branding in five Chinese mega-cities

Santa Stopniece, PhD, University of Jyväskylä
Topic: Intercultural communication of Chinese-Finnish investment initiatives

Martin Lundqvist new student assistant at NIAS

Martin Lundqvist is a Swedish master's student of political science at Lund University, Sweden, where his main areas of interest are the politics of south east Asia and peacebuilding. Additionally, he holds a bachelor degree in peace and conflict studies from Malmö University. Moreover, Martin has been interning at the Asian Human Rights Commission in Hong Kong, and has also been employed with the organization to support their human rights monitoring in Kathmandu, Nepal.

Martin will assist with the daily activities of NIAS SUPRA and NIAS Linc.

Jong Kun Choi guest researcher at NIAS

Jong Kun Choi  is Associate Professor at the Department of Political Science and International Studies at Yonsei University. He was Associate Dean of the Graduate School of Public Administration, Director of Graduate Studies and Faculty-Editor-in-Chief of Annals (the oldest College English News Magazine in Korea) at Yonsei University. He manages the Nordic Research Program as Director at Yonsei University’s Institute of East and West Studies. 

Choi stays at NIAS for 2015 spending his sabbatical and plans to write a book on Northeast Asia’s security and several academic articles to be published with academic journals. 

Choi specializes in International Relations theories, Northeast Asian security, political psychology and public opinions on national identity and foreign policy attitudes.
His academic articles have so far appeared in International Security, Global Asia, Asian Perspective, Korea Journal of Defense Analysis, Korea and World Politics, Korean Political Science Review, International Relations of the Asia Pacific and Korean Journal of International Studies. He has about 10 book chapters and 5 edited volumes both in English and Korean.He is also a regular commentator of Northeast Asian security affairs on CNN, Bloomberg, YTN, MBC, KBS and CBS of Korea, Press TV of Iran, Le Monde, Al Jazeera, Voice of America, CCTV of China, Wall Street Journal, and Sydney Morning Herald. He contributed monthly columns to Seoul Daily and Kyunghayng Daily in Korea.  He is member of advisory councils at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ministry of Unification. He is a fellow of the Salzburg Global Seminar, Salzburg, Austria from 2011 and Research Associate for East Asian Peace project at the Department of Peace Research at Uppsala University, Sweden. Dr. Choi received his Ph.D from the Department of Political Science, the Ohio State University, in 2006 and his MA in Political Science from Yonsei University, Seoul, Korea, in 2000, and his BA in Political Science from the University Of Rochester, NY in 1998. He went to All Saints’ College for his high school education in Bathurst, NSW, Australia. 
Choi's official homepage is

Current SUPRA students at NIAS

Monday, February 16, 2015

Siri Bjaaland, MA, University of Oslo

Topic: Nationalistic Islamism - the communication strategy of Lashkar-e Taiba.

Zhenyan Xi, PhD, University of Turku

Topic: “A Comparative Study of Soft Power between Two Political Actors: EU and China.”

New Workplace Students at NIAS

Sara Ellegaard Nielsen and Camilla Jane Standhart  are students at the Department of Anthropology, UCPH, they have just started as workplace students at NIAS, and will be with us for the next 6 months while writing their thesis.

"In our anthropological study we analyze how young people in Myanmar engage in activism. By looking into their practices we explore the possibilities and limitations for their actions. We examine their motivations of involvement and imaginings of the future in order to understand how they want to change the society they live in."

We are happy to welcome Sara and Camilla to NIAS.

Databases on trialstudents and researchers on Japan

Japan Times Archives

The Japan Times is an English-language newspaper published by The Japan Times Ltd in Japan since 1897. Content includes

  1. News: domestic and world news; domestic and overseas business news.
  2. Opinions.
  3. Features: life and style, community, media, technology, food and drink, travel, environment, education, cartoons.
  4. Entertainment.
  5. Sports.

The trial to Japan Times archives ends on 5 March 2015.


Gunsho Ruijū (群書類従)
The Gunsho Ruiji series is a major collection of manuscripts from ancient through to the end of the early modern periods compiled under categories covering history, literature, religion, language, customs, art, music, cultivated arts, education, morality, legal codes, politics, economy, society and many other subjects.
The collection is a new addition to Japan Knowledge's Book collections and accessible for users from NNC institutions via the Japan Knowledge database package on the Asiaportal's collection of e-resources. 
A guide to how to access Gunsho Ruiju.

New Student Assistant at NIAS

NIAS has hired a new student assistent, Amanda Lybke Rasmussen - 23, to help assist with the daily activities of NIAS SUPRA and NIAS Linc. Amanda is currently studying Japanese on her 3rd year at CPHU and has recently returned home from a 6-month study abroad program at Chuo University in Tokyo. Amanda is currently preparing for her bachelor thesis on the historical shifting of the sociological functions of the educational system in Japan.