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New Worksplace Students at NIAS

NIAS has the pleasure of welcoming two new workplace students this month, Marie Ditlevsen and Tippe Eisner.

Marie Ditlevsen is working on her master's thesis in International Development Studies, at the department for  International Development Studies and Communication at Roskilde University (RUC).

The topic of her thesis is The interrelationship between development work and the 
democratic reforms in Burma. Marie's empirical basis is a Danida-supported
ActionAid project in  Burma, which she will be visiting in November.

Tippe Eisner has a BA in Indonesian and Southeast Asian Studies and is currently doing a master in cross-cultural studies at the department of Cross-cultural and Regional Studies, University of Copenhagen. She is interested in cross-cultural encounters and the possibilities as well as challenges they bring along. Tippe's area of regional specialization is Southeast Asia, with a particular interest in Indonesia. Other areas of interests include Indonesia's democratic transition, Indonesia's foreign policy, globalization, development, diplomacy, and cultural translation. The overall theme for the master thesis is the cultural challenges which Danish businesses may be experiencing upon entering this “new” Indonesian market, and how to address these, in order for these businesses to become successful (for Denmark as well as Indonesia).