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New Workplace Students at NIAS

We are happy to welcome two new workplace student to NIAS.

Sidsel Marie Nygaard
Sidsel is writing her master thesis in political science from Aarhus University with the work title "Tiger Cub Economies Struggling to Grow Up - case study of Malaysia", which investigates the political economy of the new Asian Tiger economies.


Jonathan Lehmann
Jonathan is an anthropology student at the University of Copenhagen. he is currently working on his master thesis entitled "(Yet another) Paradise Lost?", which investigates the changing livelihood strategies of local seaweed farmers in the small island of Nusa Lembongan, located in the Balinese Sea. Through a long-term ethnographic fieldwork, he has seen how the lives and economic strategies of three different families have changed drastically in order to follow the flows and consequences of the emerging tourist industry.