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New workplace student at NIAS

Matthias Vesterdal is writing his thesis "Tectonic shifts in geopolitical East Asia" at Department of Political Science, UCPH.
Matthias Writes:
My thesis aims to explore the consequences of the changing regional security dynamics of South East Asia by focusing on two important countries in the area: Vietnam and the Philippines. By utilizing the theoretical framework of Regional Security Complex Theory, developed by Barry Buzan and Ole Wæver, I attempt to analyze the current room of maneuver in the foreign policies of these two states, in a time of rapidly rising Chinese influence. In my thesis, I specifically look at how this external impulse is affecting security dynamics at the regional level, and how the case countries are responding to this in their policies – and why these responses are a reflection of different regional positions and institutional characteristics. This I will try to determine by combining factors from the domestic and regional levels.