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Phoungvyna Sangva, MA, School of Global Studies, University of Gothenburg
I am working on a master dissertation related to an ethnographic study that aims to identify and explore local people’s experiences and perspectives toward an influx of Chinese migrants and investments in their everyday lives in Shihanoukville, Cambodia. It also aims to understand how economic relations influence social life, having bearing on health, trust, working condition, emotions, and landscape in the city as a whole. During my field study, I spent four weeks observing and conducting interviews with local people in Shihanoukville. Currently, I am analyzing the data from my field studies and finding the main aspect from the materials.


Heidi Alexandra Darvell, MA, Center for Peace Studies, University of Norway
I’m currently a Master student in Peace and Conflict Transformation Studies, Center for Peace Studies at UiT, the Artic University of Norway, Norway. I took my Bachelor’s degree in Peace and Conflict Studies, Faculty of Culture and Society, Malmö University, Sweden. I’m interested in studying the conceptualization of peace, peacebuilding from a theoretical and practical point of views, in informal and formal formations. I’m current working on my Master Project where I’m researching the UN PBF’s peacebuilding projects in Kyrgyzstan and it’s change in focus from inter-ethnic conflicts to prevention of violent extremism.