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Elina Nilsson, PhD, Centre for Gender Research, Uppsala University
My background is in cultural anthropology and gender studies. In my research, I explore the experiences of transnational commercial surrogacy, through interviews with women who have acted as surrogate mothers in Thailand. The study focuses on the interconnection between the global and the intimate through the lived experiences of those whose labour involves intimacy, embodiment and emotions. I have spent in total 5 months in Thailand (2018-2019) interviewing former surrogate mothers. Recurring themes in the women’s narratives are mobility, motherhood and labour as well as issues concerning money and religious/local moral values. At the moment I am writing a chapter on (im)mobility, borders and restrictions.


Guro Vestrheim Skeie, MA, Department of Social Anthropology, University of Bergen
My master project is an urban ethnographic study of morality among LGBT+ subjects in Yangon, Myanmar.  The background for the project was to investigate how Myanmar sexual minorities engaging with multiple discourses of gender, identify and govern themselves within the gendered aspects of different ideologies. This project takes identity, love and desire among LGBT+ subjects as point of departure, to gain insight into the moral and cultural norms of the dominating ideologies in transitioning Myanmar