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Valentine Gavard-Suaire, PhD, University of London

I am a doctoral researcher in the Department of Geography at Royal Holloway, University of London. My PhD focuses on the anti-trafficking and anti-slavery movements, in the context of risky labour migration between Vietnam and the United Kingdom. My research aims to understand how victimhood and protection are envisioned across borders, and trace related impacts on migratory experiences. I analyse how representations and policies lead to spatially bounded processes of (in)visibility and disqualification of certain migrant profiles. I am partly based in Hanoi, where I am affiliated to the IFGS at the Vietnam Academy of Social Sciences. I have a Masters in Human Rights Law and previously worked in this field for different international bodies. 


Julia Behrens, PhD, Humboldt University

Julia Behrens is a PhD student at the seminar for Southeast Asian Studies at Humboldt University Berlin and visiting researcher at the University for Social Science and Humanities in Hanoi. Her dissertation is about narratives on environment and nature and how their use is interlinked with (re-)production of actor- networks of power in environmental NGOs in Vietnam. Having finished the first phase of field work, she is now in the process of locating case studies for the second phase.