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Lauri Selonen, MA student, University of Turku

Lauri Selonen is an MA student at the Centre of East Asian Studies at University of Turku, Finland. At the centre he specializes in Japanese society.

Having previously finished his BA in the subject of Media Studies, he has looked into combining these two fields in his research. In his master’s thesis Selonen examines the performance and production of masculinity in the Japanese reality television show “Terrace House”. He attempts to produce a rich, descriptive account of gender production in a single reality show and set these findings in a dialogue with the broader norms of masculinity in Japan.


Riina Pesonen, MA student, University of Helsinki

Riina studies East Asian Studies with Japanese as their major at the University of Helsinki, Finland. With an interest and background in gender studies, media education and Asian Studies, Riina’s thesis combines these three fields of study. The aim of this thesis is to discuss the representations of rape culture in Japanese Boys Love (BL) manga, which is usually made by and for women and young adolescent girls. By using critical discourse analysis, the thesis looks at how discourses supporting and enabling rape culture in popular culture media (in this case, BL) are portrayed as romantic and part of the narrative, and how as such they may end up reinforcing rape culture phenomenon itself.