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Vanya Koleva, MA student, University of Turku

Vanya Koleva is from Bulgaria and is currently studying East Asian Studies at the Centre for East Asian Studies at the University of Turku, Finland where she also completed an internship and acquired valuable skills for working in academia.

Her thesis focuses on the cartoons of President Donald Trump in Chinese English language newspapers. She is going to analyze how Trump and the US are portrayed and how their representations change.  The cartoons show the Chinese attitude towards the US and Donald Trump’s government and reflect the changes in China-US relations from Chinese perspective. Moreover, being in English language newspapers, the cartoons also represent the image of the US and Trump that China propagates.


Nina Maunuaho, MA student, University of Turku

Nina is a media studies major from Finland. With a particular interest in both, media and China, she is going to focus on Chinese Internet memes in her thesis. The thesis takes a look at how Chinese online censorship and the political system are commented by using memes and other circulating online content, how the self-censorship occurs  in the memes and what their purpose is after all in the context of authoritarian online environment. She is going to look at the means that memes use to challenge the censors and the political atmosphere online, and try to find out whether political memes in China could be categorized as a powerful tool against the censorship or are they just part of the online carnival.