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Arsalan Bilal, MA student, University of Tromsø

Arsalan Bilal—commonly known as AB— is currently a graduate student in the Peace and Conflict Transformation programme at the Centre for Peace Studies (CPS), University of Tromsø – the Arctic University of Norway. With a background in politics and international relations, he has pursued academic and research courses in several countries. He is profoundly interested in South Asian politics.

AB’s current research focuses on the impact of Pakistan-India conflict—which has intensified in the recent years—on the exacerbation of the Afghanistan war, particularly in the post-2011 period. The project is additionally geared towards exploring the prospects of developing a framework for dialogue between Islamabad and New Delhi that can translate into peace in Afghanistan and beyond. His research hinges upon, inter alia, in-depth interviews with policymakers and experts in Pakistan, India and other countries.


Kasper Dahlberg, MA student, Helsinki university

Kasper's master’s thesis project is about Finland and China trade and what factors have been affecting it from 1978 to current day. It takes a look at the trade both from an econometric perspective doing models about the trade trough GDP and WTO access for its statistical models. As well as more from a literature research how the trade in goods have been shifting under the period in products, the political relations between the countries as well as trade deals, and barriers of trade between the two countries.