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Dao Ngoc Thuy Duong, MA student, University of Turku 

The Impacts of South China Sea Conflicts Between China and Vietnam on Bilateral Economic Cooperation and on the Vietnamese Government’s Attitude toward One Belt One Road Initiative

My MA thesis focusses on researching how the  economic cooperation between China and Vietnam has been affected by their conflict on the South China Sea since their normalization in 1991. I want to analyze how the Vietnamese government has been reacting to the extensively-discussed One Belt One Road initiated by China in the context of the disputes on South China seas. I will also look at the possible scenarios in the future of two countries relationship if  South China Sea disputes can not be settled or even deteriorated.


Yu Pak Man, MA Student, University of Tromsø

Media Representation of Reinterpretation of Japanese Constitution Article 9

I am currently working on my master's dissertation on media representation of the reinterpretation of the Japanese Constitution Article 9. I intend to do a qualitative media analysis and study the relations between media representation on the issue and various issues, for example, public opinion, government discourses and regional peace. Media is a powerful tool and also an influential factor contributing to the reinterpretation, which in turn has a huge impact on East Asian peace. I am still in the process of refining my research design and I am sure the excellent scholarly atmosphere at NIAS will help shed light on my project.