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Minhwa Jo, PhD Student, University of Eastern Finland.

English education in South Korea in the era of globalization: Attitude of mothers, non-native English teachers, and policy makers.

The study attempts to shed light on the attitudes towards English education among mothers who invest large amounts of money in their children’s English education, as well as the attitudes of non-native English speaking teachers (hereafter NNS) and of policy makers. Focusing specifically on analyzing English as a commodity in South Korea, I investigate English private after-school education particularly at the elementary school level. I hope to highlight the through processes that triggered the move towards globalization and incorporating foreign languages to serve domestic needs. My research hopes to improve the quality of English language education without being financially burdensome for learners. This study could also alter how social discourses are idealized, represented, and reproduced. 

Shahidul Islam, PhD Student, University of Lapland.

The Role of ICT for Women’s development in rural Bangladesh-a case study on ‘Infolady’ model.

The purpose of this project is to investigate the role of Information and communication technology (ICT) for

women’s development in rural Bangladesh by understanding their current educational position in the society.
In this qualitative research, I will mainly focus on ‘Infolady’ model which has founded by a ‘non-government
organization (NGO) called ‘’ in 2004 for implementing research and action programs in the areas, where
information and knowledge can contribute to poverty alleviation, economic growth and peace. The innovative
Infolady idea is giving services for thousands of rural populations, especially for women who do have limited
access or no access to information services due to various social and religious obstacle. These women are also
trapped in a cycle of poverty, health problems and natural disasters. Through the various digital kids (e.g.
netbook, smart phone, digital camera etc.) on their doorstep, the Infolady has brought the opportunity to those
rural underprivileged villagers to improve their chances in life.